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  1. Zingis looks good so far, and he'll prob get a few rest days to offset some of that concern.
  2. i like this trade. suppose Love/Aadams could be up in the air by trade deadline. Lose some boards, but like the flexibility of Zingis/Mark. Im sure Mark will be turning it around soon.
  3. was thinking of countering for Booker/Taurean, rest of guys might be a bit too much for 2 for 1? other options IT2, Bojan, RJ, Bagley?
  4. somehow messed up my draft, couldve had Doncic/Drummond as the 12-13th snake pick, but here I am! lol already punting assists, no TO cat, doing DD instead have an offer for my Kyrie for Booker/Schroeder; which could be nice if CP3 is eventually moved by the deadline current roster of misfits: g: Kyrie, J Rich, Fobers, Nunn, Herro, Bogdan, NAW f: Middleton, Oubre, Warren, Montrez, Bjelica c: Gobert, Capela, T Bryant, C Zeller Thanks!
  5. having the 6th pick, def not the best draft ive ever had. had a lapse in judgement, took AD instead of Curry lol. 10 teams, 12 starters, 5 bench, 1 IR. any recommendations? took too many fwds i suppose Irving, Conley, Crabbe, Hood, Justin Holiday, Danny Green, Norm Powell Hayward, Ariza, Otto, James Johnson, A Gordon, Taurean Prince, Jamychel AD, Drummond, WCS please leave any recommendations. my thought is thinking of flipping conley for someone like CJ if possible, stock up on pts, 3s, mabye few more boards. think trading AD for someone like Love +1 as well? thanks!