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  1. Those same guys would be available at the end of the draft. Opinion.
  2. Because he wants to actually accomplish something with the strategy like getting a guy for cheaper than he'd go 20 minutes later.
  3. Can anyone do a 2020 thread for this? I know nothing. The 2018 thread was a good one!
  4. Exactly. If you wait on guys it only creates a situation where people realize they have too much money and have nothing better to do than overpay for what remains. Sometimes severely. Nothing like 2nd tier guys going for as much as the elites. But your fix is spot on. It's those super boring middle of the road guys that you're targeting you should throw out before the studs go. Only three #1 SP available in your NL Only? Throw out Kyle Hendricks first.
  5. Agree. Maybe if a team starts out the draft gunning for the premium relievers they could pull it off rather than waiting to see how it goes. But my god, depending on relievers LOL I'm not sure I'm smart enough or crazy enough to pull that off.
  6. Whoa, this is good stuff. Super sleuths!
  7. Wow. Now my post seems silly LOL Thanks for your feedback, guys.
  8. Nope, he barely is over the limit... was last season too.
  9. I'm in a 20-team mixed auction redraft 7x7 with weekly lineups... except we can keep one guy (and they cannot be kept the following season). My two undervalues are Hiura and Lux - both at identical $6 salaries. The categories are: BA OBP HR RBI R SB TB (with HRs only counting as doubles) Who would you keep?
  10. Guys, I assume this is happening everywhere as QS is so common now. Last year finding QS was hard, but a lot of owners out there weren't necessarily expecting it to be THAT hard. All of a sudden now all of my leagues are valuing SP who get QS very high and it's very difficult to get them in trade, regardless of the player or price. What is a strategy you can employ when your team has precious few QS and you either don't want to overpay on draft day or there just plain aren't any to be had? Is there a zig when others are zagging? Of course the big issue is accumulating strikeouts. If you're okay with middle of the pack in QS or even just below, it can be tricky to accumulate the K's in a non-daily league or a league with a small bench. To illustrate, here's an example of what I'm facing this weekend. My only SP keeper is Walker Buehler. A TON of SP were kept and the top options are Luis Castillo, Aaron Nola, and Trevor Bauer. That's it. 12-team NL Only. The only QS pitchers after that are crusty vets and injury-plagued guys. I saw this to coming to some degree, but I could not make any trades happen. Sure, I could pivot to high-strikeout middle relievers, but certainly others will have the same strategy, or make the same pivot midstream which will boost those relievers to the prices of low-to-mid tier starters. As huge a fan as I was of QS just a few years ago, now I'm not sure it's the right thing for all leagues. What Plan B strategies are you considering with the dearth of QS?
  11. ***NOTE*** this thread is about players who have appeared in the major leagues I'm in a league where the minors draft occurs immediately before the auction. The result is that you can poach a player who has played in MLB and may even be slated for an MLB role in that season so long as they weren't kept and meet MLB rookie requirements. Last season there was a biggie with Chris Paddack. Do you know of any under the radar guys who accrued MLB service time, but are technically still rookies?
  12. Thank you! I forgot Seth got traded to NL. Anyone blocking his path in the minors? Unfortunately, Kristian and Jazz are taken. You a D-Backs guy? LOL
  13. I need help, please. I am in a 12-team standard roto NL-only keeper and most of the best guys are already on teams. I'll make a list below that shows some of what's available. But first let me explain a couple of things: 1. First, there are four rounds and the salaries attached to each round are $7, $5, $3, $1 2. Second, I have Ke'Bryan Hayes. But he's at $7, so if I keep him I lose my first-rounder. I pick last in the 1st round after winning last season. I expect about four other $7 guys to be kept so that means I'm about #8 in the first round. I'm leaning toward not keeping him even though he might help me this season. 3. Finally, what I'm looking for is guys who will emerge as valuable trade pieces (like Lux last season) - not necessarily making the big leagues in 2020, though. And I really prefer hitters over pitchers. I need help arranging this list and I need anyone who (you think) i might have missed that fits what I'm looking for. And honestly, this list is too shallow. Dylan Carlson Marco Luciano CJ Abrams Brennen Davis Spencer Howard Corbin Carroll Alek Thomas JJ Bleday Brailyn Marquez Hunter Bishop Josiah Gray Edward Cabrera - MIA Matthew Liberatore Ronny Mauricio Geraldo Perdomo Daulton Varsho Sounds like from the forum maybe Jose Garcia SS CIN belongs on the list?
  14. This from CBS a couple of weeks ago: February 27, 2020 1:30 AM ET Giants' Mauricio Dubon: Prepping for super-utility role Dubon played in center field for five innings during Wednesday's Cactus League game against the Brewers, Maria Guardado of MLB.com reports. Dubon seems set to begin the season at San Francisco's top option at second base, but the team also wants to test his versatility to potentially operate as a super-utility player. The 25-year-old showcased himself well during his first major-league action last season with a .274/.306/.434 slash line in 111 plate appearances, and he should receive plenty of opportunities in 2020, whether at the keystone or elsewhere in the field.
  15. In 1999 my cold take was that Pedro Martinez and Edgar Martinez were too expensive to keep. I traded them, along with Darrin Fletcher, for Orlando Hernandez and... Mike Caruso. Pedro went on to have one of the best seasons in fantasy history and even Darrin Fletcher had a career year. Edgar was still under contract the following season and had his career year. That first season after the trade that guy won the league... I came in second.