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  1. Kemba hield otto collins capela markannen vucevic lou will jon Isaac Who you sitting tonight?
  2. I got an auction draft prep question for some experienced auctioneers. My 12 team, 9-CAT, 11 man roster ESPN auction draft is this weekend. I'm practicing by doing the mocks on ESPN, but those mocks assume 13 man rosters. How would you prepare for this? How do I predict the inflation in auction $ values that will occur due to a small roster size.
  3. I have time. I'll wait. But make no mistake I will take this Saric experiment behind the barn and shoot it.
  4. I wouldnt break the bank. I agree with above maybe put in a bid for like $5 if you have a good feeling about him. Hes an unproven player so im valuing him like that. But thats the gamble you take in fantasy.
  5. I'm getting blown out every week. How do i stop the bleeding? 2for1Trades? 8 Team, 13 Man Roster 9 CAT: (FG% FT% 3PM REB AST STL BLK TO PTS ) PG: Wall, Westbrook SG: Fournier, Evans SF: Kawhi, Wiggins, Osman, Ingles, Otto PF: Mirotic, Saric, C: Allen, Jokic Wavier wire: Rubio J val Schroder Barton Markkanen RHJ Sabonis Favors Dunn Gibson Ibaka Harrell Mcgruder Matthews
  6. I dont like whiteside so that would be easy for me.
  7. Aaron Gordon for Otto I got otto
  8. 15 minutes tonight but i didnt watch the game so idk