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  1. Thanks man. Yeah, I had to do it. Only player on my team with no games the rest of this weekend, so I'm streaming B2B sat and sun with my last add. Hopefully it gets me to the ship and possibly get Adams back when waivers clear next week. We'll see though, good luck on your end homie.
  2. I'm def considering dropping after today's game to stream sat and sun. Toughest dude on my team, but I got to make it past the semi's brother. Points league FWIW.
  3. This is the layout centered with max-content in the styles sheet.
  4. Had to downsize screenshot for web and devices so colors are stripped. But this is the layout I have normally. A lot of empty space on right side of the screen.
  5. Don't mind the face lift, formatting on my end is a little off though. #RW_wrapper width in the styles sheet needs to be changed from auto, and set to max-content, so the forum is centered/filled. Everything on my desktop display is formatted/floated to the left of my screen and doesn't fill the display when browsing the forum.
  6. Kinda interested in this guy in keeper leagues. Would he be a better last bench spot than Bazemore, VanVleet or Jordan Bell in a points league?
  7. Seemed like he was eased in to the offense during the beginning, but seemed to be out on the field more and more as the game went on. Looked better and faster than Jordy and kind of feel like Jordy is an afterthought with Carr and the offense. He's got great talent and upside. Maybe he turns into the #2, maybe not though. I'm personally hanging on to him in my keeper league for a little longer to see how things shake out with the suspension and to see if he gets more playing time next week.
  8. I feel like the fantasy football gods have finally smiled down on me
  9. Locked and ******** Loaded. This was so worth the last 3 years of gambling on him. I'm so happy right now.
  10. Allowed to keep 6 forever in a 10 team full ppr keeper league. Already have David Johnson, Michael Thomas, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Gordon and Derrick Henry as my for sure 5. Not sure who to choose from between Alex Collins, Evan Engram, Jimmy Graham or Marshawn Lynch as a last keeper. Leaning Engram since it is a keep forever and think he can only get better. Really liked what Collins did last year as a waiver wire add for me, was a stud pretty much. Graham since he's with Rodgers, but def looked slower last year, and love me some Marshawn just cuz I'm a raiders fan and want to see how Gruden uses him. Any thoughts?
  11. I feel like I might've hit the dynasty jackpot. Love what I'm seeing, def glad I added.
  12. avg FB velocity in this start: 92.3 (max 93.5) slightly up from the last.
  13. Pulled from his start with an injury. Possibly back of shoulder or triceps. Grabbed back off his arm.
  14. ?? Watched the start. Slider/cutter was 88-89. Fastball was 91-92 consistently with a max of 93.3 according to the pitchfx tool from brooks baseball. Was very encouraged in his first start after a month off with a back injury and no rehab start. Just needs to build that pitch count and stay healthy.
  15. 10 team keeper points league, scoring heavily favors pitching. 2-6 to start the season. League allows 4 prospects per team: I have Forrest Whitley, AJ Puk, Michel Baez and Jalen Beeks. Which pitching prospects are the better stash to get called up soon Jalen Beeks Justus Sheffield Shane Bieber whos got the best ROS value? would you rank any other pitching prospects above these guys? Besides kopech and Reyes. Those guys are long gone.