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  1. hes probably gonna put up a flop next game
  2. What do you guys think? Good source of rebounds at the end of the draft?
  3. Him, Culver, or Washington. Cannot decide at all.
  4. he's a good sleeper honestly goes undrafted in a lot of leagues but should see minutes
  5. I assume the mods will make one soon and sticky it, but can we get one going now in the meantime?
  6. I reached for him at the 2/3 turn. Paired him up with Curry and Vucevic. I was thinking about Myles Turner there and I think he would have much better value, but felt that JJJ fit my composition a lot better and had a higher ceiling. Realistically, I think JJJ tends to fall to the end of the 3rd.
  7. all aboard the train Curry/Vucevic/JJJ are gonna be my dynamic trio
  8. Traded him and Marcus Morris for Beal and Jamal Murray. Im punting FG and I love beal for fantasy so I'll take it. Even missing a few games in the playoffs with Kawhi is dangerous.