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  1. i think i would, Marc isnt that good when he plays anyways, and you dont lose anyting just keeping KAT in your IR only thing u lose is your #2 waiver, but i doubt somebody better than KAT gets dropped
  2. Which 2 do you guys like out of these 4? Nance, Huerter, James Johnson, Reddish? leave a link!
  3. Started with G: Dejounte, Jrich, Delon F: Fournier, Bogdan, Miles Bridges, Issac, Zion, PG, OPJ C : Embiid, Ayton, Bam, Zach Collins team was underperformed plus with PG's injury, Zion injury, Ayton suspension was forced to make alot of moves to survive Team now is G: Lonzo, Payton, Steph, Dame F: Crowder, Nance, Wiggins, Ross, OPJ C : Embiid, Brolo, Jonas, Bam, Gobert IL: JJJ Diff league Started with G: FVV, Kyrie, Dejounte, CP3 F: Warren, KP, Nance, Gallo, Love, Issac C : Ayton, Bam, Jokic Finished with G: Beal, Dejounte, Jrue, huerter, Fox F: Mikal, Warren, Nance C : Ayton, Sabonis, Vucevic, Jokic, Bam IL: FVV you can say i do trade alot
  4. bump I would be giving AG and Huerter for Nance and Brook
  5. Owner is now only willing to part with Nance and Brook, no bridges so would be Nance and Brook for AG and Huerter
  6. i think id stay with AG tbh and then just drop melo for curry
  7. i would stay put unless you absolutely need to win and need value KAT will be back eventually i think
  8. i think both will be back eventually, but KAT is better no doubt i would go for KAT for sure
  9. do you have any other possible pickups? i think holmes is better overall, but idk whats gonna happen with him and Kennard same too,
  10. If you need straight Pts and % warren, but all other counting stats is Lonzo
  11. I would drop Kennard for sure for Capela as long as yo can afford to wait
  12. I think i would Im worried about Kemba's knee and curry is conditioned and ready to go and forsure has top 3 potential