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  1. I wonder why they were covering his knee never a good sign
  2. Should i trade my Bojan Bogdanovic for Jonas Valuncuinas and either RJ Barrett or Duncan Robinson? leave a link!
  3. hes back today needing 3s but wondering if hes gonna be limited, would assume so
  4. was he originally scheduled to have surgery? seems like surgery came out of nowhere
  5. hes got a b2b today and tomorrow which could be useful, since ull at least get 1 good game without ayton
  6. should i drop any of my guys for Mikal Bridges, THJ, WCS, or Bazemore? thinking between Bridges, Rui, and Bev, but like beverelys stocks and rebounds for a PG, bridges and Rui dont like the lack of stocks kinda debating more on baze and WCS, since THJ mainly just 3s, and mikal will prob lose value when ayton back G: Satoransky, lonzo, house JR, jaylen brown, Beverely, SGA F: giannis, JJJ, miles bridges, Wiggins, Rui C : brook, Embiid, gobert Il: levert leave a link!
  7. for sure agree, if u can get mrob with harden 100% yes, if not i wouldnt do it does he have any other offers?