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  1. He had 13fga today in 22mins. as the main chucker off the bench. I would hold in 14+ teams and maybe some 12s depending if you neeed 3s. He will not be the stud he was when Isaac was out but he will definitely provide 3s and points with a trickle of defensive stats.
  2. There is no reason to believe that he will not get back to 1.2-15 steals per game, Its been his MO eversince. He had wrist surgery last season so he is a bit rusty. But its just a matter of time before he ramps up his activity. The past 2 weeks hes at top77 in 9cat so he is heating up imo, and should be scooped up in 14+ teamers in need of extra steals, 3s and assists.
  3. Its called pacing, its still early in the season why would he “bring it” everytime to every team? When they play the good teams he usually plays strong and aggressive and they usually win big when he plays like that. He is a buy low if you can, he will be ramping it up soon and has a chance to avg 6assists 5rebs 1.5 3s 1.5stls 1block per game this year, the 15ppg will be a bonus. As a Bledsoe owner im not selling.