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  1. Dipo side still. Collins has the most upside of the players outside of Dipo and Booker by a mile imo.
  2. It's a bit hard to say because we don't know how your league's scoring system works, but in a vacuum I'd take Dipo over Booker. Dipo is a bit too low in the rankings right now because of poor FT shooting, which sould get better. He's then a top 18 player, whilst Booker is a top 25 player or something like that. Also a bit more confident in Oladipo's health. But it's not that far off, you should follow your gut and go for your favorite player in the trade.
  3. Sup guys, I was trying to acquire LeVert and offered my Otto Porter Jr. straight up. The owner didn't bite and countered with OPJ+Dunn for LeVert. This league is 8-cat head to head, so no turnovers. Dunn, when healty, is projected to be a top 50 player in this league. OPJ has been awful though, and I really like what I see in LeVert. Get LeVert or stay put and make something else happen? Help me, and I can help you in return!
  4. Meh indeed. Only good thing is that his minutes have increased gradually in his 4 games back. Think he's worth holding onto if you're thinkinig of dropping for a few more games.
  5. His minutes were already down before the injury. They will probably ease him back in a bit, unles he gets in a zone. I don't care if he takes a few games to heat up, I need him starting and feasting by next week, that's all.
  6. I think they are right to question the credibility of this report. Seems like a bit of a stretch, and mostly based on rumours from unknown sources. Source is this for anyone interested:
  7. I would probably take the deal. DeRozan is the best player in this deal. Tyreke and Saric both have been phenomenal, but both might regress a bit. Tyreke might get traded and has a long history of injury, and Saric is a bit better with Embiid off the court (I think), and Embiid might be playing b2b's soon. Mirotic is a bit of a wild card in this trade, but he's been very good and possible trade destinations have looked like place where he might actually gain a bit of value or at least stay the same.
  8. You're already big-heavy with your squad, so unles you can trade him for a better guard, I don't really see the point. I don't think you're getting Harden in return for him. I'd stay put and enjoy his production, and hope his ankles hold
  9. Don't think about PO schedules too much. Unles a team has a real incentive to play their guys, there's a huge chance the stars rest a couple of times / on back2backs anyway. Especially a guy like LBJ who's ligging a ton of minutes. If Cleveland can't go up or down in the standings anymore, there's a good chance he gets some rest in the final weeks. Good luck, I like the trade.
  10. Agreed with the above. I would recommend waiting to see what happens with Dinwiddie now D-Lo is back in the mix. Just give it a game or two.
  11. Looking to make some changes after losing Kawhi & Turner - again. Can't stomach 2 INJ players with 1 IL. Anyone think it's possible to ship out Kawhi OR Turner + Lord Cov + Gibson for Oladipo? Basically a 3 for 1, the 'Dipo owner has a few scrubs he can dump on the barren waiver wire (12 team H2H 9-cat). Any chance of such a trade going down, or is 'Dipo simply too good to give up right now? WHIR if you leave a link.
  12. I floated out some trades to trade him away from my team last night, and all got rejected. After sleeping on it, I am not too sad that they did. Just read this article: To me, it sounds like he's pretty much the same as he's been since he's returned. My guess is that he kept feeling 'something' after playing, and they hoped it would go away overtime. As it did not, and the Spurs don't really need him right now, they opted to give him some more time off rather than continue to play through the annoying pains. What I find encouraging is that they are talking about rhythm and learning how to play well together, and how they need this before the playoffs start. I am just keeping him, and am hoping that he will be back in a week or 2, maybe 3. Perhaps test again before ASB, then get some more rest, and then get up to speed after ASB. I know it's wishful thinking, and based on my interpretations on what Pop and the players are saying, but whatever, lets stay positive. In any case, 'indefinitely' means nothing in this case. He was out 'indefinitely' until the moment he returned to the court last time basically, it's just a hollow statement. Finally, I am interested in if he will train with the team, taking contact, playing 5 on 5, et cetera, or if he will go back to treatment. Stay tuned, I guess.
  13. Yeah it also depends on your current stance in the rankings I guess. If I were a lock for playoffs I would easily hold, and go after him if I didn't own him. It's the perfect time to snag him for some random top 80 dude who could possibly be replaced in a couple of weeks anyway by a post-ASB upside guy. However, I'm outside of the playoff spots right now, and the people who are in it I guess see it differently than I do!
  14. Naw me neither so far bru. People in most of my leagues are rather conservative and would rather hold onn to their own drafted top 100 scrub than take a flyer on the Claw right now, even if they're sitting pretty in the top seed. Maybe this last Roto blurb helps a bit: Coach Gregg Popovich said the Spurs are expecting Kawhi Leonard (quad) to return at some point this season. Leonard is out indefinitely, but it does sound like he's looking at an extended time off. Considering how careful the Spurs were with him before and how he's only played nine games, it's fair to guess he's not going to play before the All-Star Game. His owners have to hold him and trading for him isn't the worst idea, assuming you're not giving up an elite player. Kyle Anderson is worth an add in 12-team leagues.
  15. Well, this sucks for people struggling to make the playoffs with Kawhi on their team. I would try to trade him for anyone who is of proven quality that you can't snag of the wire. At the same time, it's a possibility for people in 1st or 2nd place to get a possible top 5 asset come playoff time for basically nothing at this point. Really curious what kind of trades are going down for Kawhi