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  1. Yes. And if you translate B-R-A-N-D-O-N C-L-A-R-K-E into morse code, translate that into ancient hebrew, then translate that into wingdings you get a series of triangles and eyes. ILLUMINATI.
  2. Yes he does and annoyingly for fantasy owners it only seems to be an issue when one of JJJ or JV are out and Clarke is in line for a bump in mins + usage.
  3. Yes he is actually that bad on defense. He's slow especially laterally and his positioning isn't that great which means he gets caught out a lot. What makes it exponentially worse is that the Timberwolves as a whole suck on defense especially the guards. Beasley and Russell are horrible. They leave whoever is the rotating or paint defender out on an island all the time.
  4. Not just KLove Nance owners have to worry about. Bickerstaff is an absolutely dud of a coach for fantasy purposes (probably in real life too).
  5. The irony of accusing someone of saltiness just because you see something you don't like. Legitimate discussion around a players potential should include talk about the players faults as well as their positives. Maybe the mods can include a 'safe space' tag for player threads where people only post hype and pat each other on the back? The foul problems are legit. Exhibit A: Reid getting schooled tonight by the refs and Jokic/Denver.
  6. No, blocks. Sure 0.5 blocks doesn't sound like much on it's own but according to BBM there's only 12 guard eligible players who will give you the combo of >0.5 blocks + >4.5 boards and that becomes 8 players because the rest are all injured. Almost all of those players will be owned in deep leagues. The steals are also good. If you have a big man or punt points build those stats are great considering he's a freebie off the waiver wire.
  7. Wow. Not only are they easy according to BBM but they're THE easiest for bigs. I'd like to know how they get those ratings though because whenever you see the top tier bigs play against Milwaukee they almost always struggle offensively. Milwaukee this season have forced Cs to have poor shootings games with the likes of Jokic, Vooch, Embiid, Aldridge, Ayton, etc all having relatively rough nights offensively. In fact I can't remember a big man so far this season who has dominated the Bucks in the paint. AD maybe. Maybe the fact that Cs can get a lot of peripheral stats like boards, 3s etc against the Bucks inflates the ease rankings?
  8. Don't forget the fouls. Reid actually did a decent job of not collecting fouls tonight but he still ended up almost fouling out.
  9. There's a good chance Towns finished this season with less than 40 games played. Other than Steph there is no first rounder in fantasy who will beat KAT in terms of a being a horrible return on investment.
  10. Would write this game off anyway. The Bucks are a nightmare for bigs to play against let alone someone like Maker.
  11. He's a bit of a stiff out there. Not the greatest mover. The guy really needs to work on his positioning because he's getting the rookie treatment from the referees in regards to fouls. Basically any contest that isn't a clean block he's getting the foul called.
  12. Agreed he's perfect for big man focused and punt point builds. He should already be owned 12+ team leagues for his boards and blocks alone.
  13. It's not trolling when it's truth. Stay mad but be cool.
  14. Prepare yourselves fellas, the shutdown is coming. Arguably the biggest first round flop this year after Curry.
  15. That and everything else offensively. He's really bad in general when it comes to scoring.