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  1. That is just my rule of thumb xD working fine so far for me haha.
  2. This is his team: e.bledsoe i.smith a.burks j.lamb k.anderson f.ntilikilan e.turner r.gay j.parker m.turner k.towns j.nurkic w.hernangomez possible trade target seems to be k.anderson and maybe j.parker
  3. Hardaway doesnt provide much value for your team. He is surely some1 to trade away. I wouldnt target Ibaka though. His numbers are going down drasticly each season. J.Mcgee seems to be a cheap option for blocks and his ft% is still good enough to not hurt you. Hardaway is not enough though with the way mcgee is playing right now.
  4. Did you won 3pts in last week matchup? To win 3pts cat you would need at least a team total average of 12-13 3pts. you are not getting any 3pts from PG and C position.
  5. The only one dropable is actually Cedi Osman and I woulnd't drop him for Barnes (injury and so on). I would stash collins if possible. Pick DSJ since his value is higher for you with your team punting TO and FT% anyway.
  6. Portis for sure. Additionally I think you somehow should get rid of Ball, Rondo and dwight. If you have Kat, Walker and oladipo as your first 3 rounders I wouldn't even start a punt ft% team. If you want to, you should have target Lebron/giannis first and later drummond. Your team is better without punting ft%.
  7. Team1 could need some help in 3pts & stls. Maybe a 2 for 1 trade for middleton.
  8. Is it a deep league (16 or more teams, high roster number etc)? Normally you should get at least a low 1st rounder back plus some for a top5 player like KD. But in a deep league with DD and selling high this might just be understandable. I woulnd't veto then.
  9. Depend on what you seek Bullock - very solid player to have in a 12 teamer Bjelica - if you are looking to replace portis stats/position (rebs, 3pts) damyean - if you like to gamble on upside alone (very risky) Please help with mine: Yaz0
  10. Hi guys, got offered M.Turner for my J.Hart & R.McGruder. I guess McGruder will lose playing time when winslow, waiters and johnson are all back, but Hart is hard to lose. Turner on the other end is a risky but high upside player and a head ache last season. Which side would you choose?? Btw I am in a deep 20 teams league with 13 men roster + 2 inj slots, so nothing on the waivers. I may get K.Anderson additionally to Turner from the other side but that's about it. Greetings, Yaz0
  11. If u cant get simmons or someone worth owning, try going straight 1:1 Love for Drummond
  12. In a 10 teams league there should be better fas available than rivers. Why wasting value trading for him. Wiggins is not a multi cats Producer either, but if u can flip wiggins for another piece later (any wiggins fan in the league??) hood+wiggin would be acceptable.
  13. Vooch numbers will go down when all injured players (mainly gordon and fournier) are back. Harris should be a solid top35 player. if u can get Towns for those 2, i would go for it. The open slot can be used for streaming or a good fa.
  14. I prefer KD and S.Adams. KD and Giannis is also neck to neck in my eyes and Center is a pretty rare position so KD+Adams side win.
  15. Hi guys, I am trading away my N.Mirotic+B.Ingram for his T.Ariza. B.Ingram put up some nice numbers but since im not punting ft% he doesnt fit in. N.Mirotic is extremely hot right now but he has never been consistent before so im trying to sell high here. I guess getting a solid top50 player back is not a bad idea. What do u guys think? League setup: H2H 14 Teams, 9 cat