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  1. The fact it's only for two years does make you give it a second thought(for a couple of seconds) but ultimately no. You gamble with the upside here.
  2. As overrated as I find Thor to be, when you consider age, upside, and health, he's the best option of the 3.
  3. I'd go with Kela just based on the fact he's your best option given the choices regardless of position and format.
  4. You definitely need an OF'er. The agree with the poster above on Mondesi being a luxury item for you. I'd probably look into moving him for 2 players to fill that OF void and the one you create by moving Mondesi especially if you want to keep all those part time and MiLB guys on your roster.
  5. Typically in a shallow league, you want to consolidate and grab the elite player. However in this situation if you feel that Olson is going to hit 35+ this year, I'd be more inclined to stick with what you currently have especially with it being a roto. This is under the assumption that it's a re-draft. Personally I don't find it to be a hard decision considering the rest of your roster. In a dynasty/keeper format, the decision is a bit tougher and I'd probably sway towards making the trade for Bellinger.
  6. I would reject and keep the deal in your back pocket. It's something you could come back to later on and still be there. Be pro-active and explore other options first.
  7. I like how aggressive your list is. You certainly went heavy on your J2 rankings inside the your top 100. Wrong or right is all subjective. It's definitely a high ceiling boom or bust type of fantasy list.
  8. I would have already made the trade before even posting.
  9. That's quite the overpay. I'd look to get something else back in return in order to do this deal. I would do either of these deals.
  10. If you're serious about making a run this year, I'd keep what you have. If you're looking towards the future, it's not a bad offer. It would be nice to see the rest of your pitching staff to see if you can afford to lose Strasburg and still compete as well.
  11. It's potential that people buy which inflates his ADP. It's hard to expect more than 130 GP from a catcher(a mark he's never reached). Whether it's injury or just nature of the position, it just is what it is. I'd much rather wait a few rounds and land a player with less upside with more consistency. I've made the mistake many times over. I'm not scorned by any means(would definitely draft if the value is there), just a lot more realistic on the value he brings in relation to his cost. Amen. He's a very frustrating player to own.
  12. It was considered and shot down immediately. Cole seems undervalued actually. You should be looking for elite, young controllable talent. Mcmahon does not fit the bill and while Mize is a good investment, young pitchers are a crap shoot. This deal isn't remotely close even with the salary differential. You initial train of thought was spot on and there really wasn't anything to talk about. The off season is long.
  13. Fernando Tatis Jr. was never a top J2 prospect and was unranked on many list.
  14. I can understand why one would chose B(youth) but A is the better package side for the next few years. I wouldn't think that far ahead regarding their age.
  15. You're not even working in the same stratosphere regarding value. Yuck.