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  1. 16 mins with these kind of stats? Can't imagine once they give him a steady 25-30.
  2. Tell that to the coach. The last lineup they ran was Booker at PG. Canaan at SG. Ariza at SF. Ryno at PF. Ayton at C. SG and PF spots pretty much swap between Warren, Jackson, Crawford, Bridge and Okobo.
  3. Possibly for 14 teams and above... but with Suns you never know. Booker is day to day. Once he's back, pretty much the usage rate belongs to Booker and Ayton.
  4. Did anyone watch his game tonight? He seems to be getting good mins. 28 mins tonight but it was blowout 136-108 vs Wizards. 10pts 8reb 7ast 2stl 1trey. 4 of 8 and 1 of 2 at the line with 1 TO. Is it garbage time or meaningful minutes? AFAIK, Doc doesn't like to play rookies.
  5. Dropped and moved on. Sucks man. Fighting for Finals and I don't have Nance, Batum, Markkinen.
  6. Yes, the Lord has been disappointing as of late. Might be a good swap.
  7. Would drop Jaylen Brown for Bogdan. But if you want to drop Bullock that's fine too. But definitely Bogdan over these 2 for sure.
  8. I would definitely pounce on the Otto for sure! and Yes for Middleton too!!! Middleton and Harris is actually v similar, but with more steals and assist. For sure! Otto, I just love his stats and game. Reke is always an unknown, and Memphis was ready to trade him to who knows where...
  9. If you are talking about 2/1/1, wouldn't Covington even be better? He's 2.6 treys with 1.6 stl and 0.7 blocks!
  10. I would drop either Kyle, Jabari or Allen. Jabari can be monitored, but if he is still resting in back2backs after ASG, he might be too inconsistent to hold on to. Klye is not consistent enough. Allen is great, but his mins are so low.
  11. Tatum's minutes are still there. But his efficiency have been dropping lately. Gibson is still stable. The thing about Tatum and Gibson is that their minutes are still plenty and stable. Nance while great in Cavs, his minutes can be inconsistent due to matchups. Of course Nance is the type of player that doesn't need a lot of minutes to produce. At this point I still value Tatum or Gibson due to their minutes.
  12. I am in 14 teams H2H 9 cats. I am somewhat punting AST. He's offering me either Aaron Gordon or Covington for my Teague. Not sure if I should do it because I like the % from Teague and also the 1.5 steals he gives me. My team is focused on %, 3pt, points, rebs, steals, blocks and low TO. Should I do it? I like Lord Covington, but I really don't like his crappy FG. Belinelli coming in doesn't help too in that he might have reduced minutes. What do you guys think? My roster: G/F: Mitchell, PG13, Hezonja, Carroll, Teague, Ariza, Batum F/C: JaMychal, JV, Markkanen, AD, Dedmon, Nance IL: Rjax