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  1. Any update on this? What happened to him? Seems like he just kinda disappeared?
  2. Lol I wish I had 6/25 from my guys. Satoransky and Huerter giving me 1/17 right now LOL
  3. Anyone watching the game? Wtf happened to jrich during the first half? 3 assists and nothing else seriously?
  4. I don’t get it... does only the last line show up when you look? Lol he has one off game and he’s dropped? Don’t care at all about the last three lines he dropped? With that prerequisite I think you could pretty much drop every player. Including first rounders.
  5. I mean why don't we actually talk about McNeil in the context of a couple hot WW adds? Put this whole thing to actual test. Both Hampson and Kingery are flying off wires currently. Hampson has his Coors effect plus SB potential. But has some playing time issues. Kingery sucked all last year, but is super hot right now. But also has potentially more playing time issues than even Hampson. Would you drop McNeil for either of these guys?
  6. The problem is that getting hit can cause injuries. Literally break bones. It's not like they're taking a foam ball and whipping it. All it takes is a slight twitch of the finger at the wrong moment, and you can easily hit someone in their head by accident. That's just isn't a chance that anyone, especially MLB, should be taking. And especially if that injury occurs to a high level talent, then you're just taking away from the game and the MLB product as a whole. If Mike Trout got plunked and was out for 2 months because of a broken bone, I can guarantee you MLB will have lost a tangible amount of money because of that. Do I agree that a pitcher would WANT to hit a batter as retaliation? Yes. But should they get to? No way. The deterrent should be high enough that no pitcher would ever try. Imagine if every time Curry celebrated a made three, the next time down the court, the other team tried to stick out a leg under Durant while he's shooting so that he can roll his ankles. Same as hitting a dude with a baseball right? If things go perfectly well, then they might just have a slight sprain (or with plunking, just a big a** bruise) and you go on. If you're not perfect and you don't place your leg or your ball in the perfect place? Long term injuries easily. If you bat flip an out or a single, what you get is the shame and embarrassment of bat flipping over nothing. And you should be called out and made fun of. Just like how stupid Nick Young looked after celebrating his missed 3 pointer, and got made fun of on national TV (Shaqtin' a Fool). Hitting the next guy up with a baseball doesn't make the game more competitive or even more fun. All it does is give the other team a false sense of revenge. Why false? Cuz if you suck and lost, you still suck and lost. If you're good and won, you're still good and won. Can we just play the actual game, and celebrate the things that actually occurred in the game? Cuz I can guarantee you the WS winner didn't become the WS winner because they got to get revenge by plunking home run celebrations.
  7. That's the same tag he received for the last game. After they took the MRIs, and knew that it wasn't a serious injury, they called it 'knee inflammation'. Cuz literally that's all it is b/c he didn't even sprain it b/c he's KAT and his body makes no sense. This is nothing new, at least in terms of things we knew, and actually should make you feel better about it not worse. He's still probable with the same knee inflammation tag, so the only new news we have is positive. He finished the whole game with the probable tag, still has the same probable tag, and therefore he didn't get worse and now proved he can play a game w/o issue.
  8. Seriously wtf... I'm facing a punt ft% team that has Whiteside AND Westbrook on it and I'm being pummeled in ft....
  9. Lol maybe I'm just too traumatized by my fantasy season so far, but I started with losing D Murray before the season even started, so I'm just happy that at least Barton will make it back at some point even if he's been on my IL since the second game of the season lol
  10. lol the dude clearly doesn't understand your argument, hasn't from the beginning. I completely agree with you that Sato will be guaranteed a ton of minutes as the Wizards are currently constructed. They literally don't have another guard on their roster, so Sato will be backing up both PG and SG. They'll probably have to acquire at least another guard at some point that could help soak up some minutes, but until then? All Sato. Also agreed in him having a good stats floor w/ the minutes he'll get because he's a good player and we've seen that proven to us when he started for Wall.
  11. The only bright side was that it was his non-dominant hand, so it would be possible for him to return before 100%, as long as a brace or w/e can prevent re-injury.
  12. 5 games of the worst slump he's ever had in his career, and right back to what he was doing literally right before the 5 game slump