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  1. I need to drop one for mg individual defensive player slot this week. Damaryius Thomas, MVS, Sterling Shepard, Miles Sanders or Jay Ajayi. Thanks in advance, and WHIR!
  2. 11cat league, who do I drop to make room for DSJ and/or Rondo both actively in my IL slots? I’m leaning towards Clarkson and Matthews, or to be honest, dropping DSJ and only keeping Rondo. PG - E Payton, K Lowry PG/SG - J Clarkson SG/SF - B Bogdanovic, W Matthews, E Fournier, J Ingles SF/PF - M Williams PF/C - N Vucevic, B Portis, M Turner C - K Towns, S Adams, R Gobert
  3. I second the Love for Turner move - I’m a bit biased, but Turners been heating up as of late, and his block rates been ridiculous all season long.
  4. 12 man H2H league, cats are FG%, FT%, 3s, OREB, DREB, PTS, STL, BLK, AST, TO and DD. My team is below: PG - Elfrid Payton SG/SF - Joe Ingles SG/SF - Evan Fournier SG/SF - Bogdan Bogdanovic SG/SF - Wesley Mathews SF/PF - DeMarre Carroll SF/PF - Marvin Williams PF/C - Myles Turner PF/C - Nikola Vucevic PF/C - Larry Nance Jr PF/C - Bobby Portis C - Robert Gobert C - Steven Adams C - Karl-Anthony Towns IL - Kyle Lowry, Rajon Rondo Assuming Lowrys injury is behind him, who do I drop to put Kyle Lowry back in my lineup? I’m assuming either Portis, Mathews, Carroll or Williams? Any help is appreciated - WHIR!
  5. 12 team H2H category league... thinking about dropping Taj Gibson for Mitchell Robinson. Gibson can put up sneaky top 75 stats, but he’s a bit boring otherwise and I don’t want to miss out on the hype train. Stay put or take the leap?
  6. I'd do it - I feel like the points floor for Vooch/Warren is a tad better than Kyrie/Batum.
  7. Tough call... which players are yours currently? (your team in sig doesn't match the players mentioned).
  8. 12 team category league (FG%, FT%, 3pts, pts, orebs, drebs, ast, st, blk, TO and DD). Cedi Osman was dropped in my league and just cleared waivers - should I drop Bojan Bogdanovic and take a chance on Osman? My team is already punting FT% and is averaging .500+ on FG%, so the hit to my FT% is irrelevant and I think my team can take the FG% hit and still win the category most weeks. I view both as relative equals currently, but Osman seems to have way more upside. Thoughts? WHIR, thank you!
  9. Both Knox and Bogdanovic are available in my H2H cat league - my league had 2 IL slots so basically looking to grab one as a stash. Which one has better potential this year?
  10. So for starters, yes, I think your good at RB. Regarding Tate and the Lions, I think it'll work out (I really think last week was a fluke for Stafford and the offense), and while it did look like Golladay and Jones are going to get quite a few looks, Tate most definitely is going to still get his share. Personally I'd be OK with making the move.
  11. 12 man league, .25 PPR. I need to drop one of the following 4 WRs - Rishard Matthews, DeVante Parker, Geronimo Allison and Phillip Dorsett - which 3 should I keep, or inversely, which should I drop? WHIR, thank you in advance!
  12. 12 man league, .25 PPR. The rest of my roster aside, I need help picking one of the following bench players to drop: Mark Ingram Rishard Matthews Devonte Parker Isaiah Crowell Marlon Mack Geronimo Allison Phillip Dorsett
  13. Bump... anyone? WHIR, just needing some guidance on which bench player to drop. Thanks in advance!