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  1. Believing Stanton will stay healthy is like hoping you win the lottery...possible but not very likely lol. He has proven over the years that staying healthy for a season is the great exception, not the rule. In his10 MLB seasons, he has managed to stay healthy in only 3 of them (2011, 2017 and 2018). He is now 30 and has had 2 consecutive years where he could not stay on the field at all. I would not want him before round 12-13 at this point and you know someone will grab him round 4-6 so it is a fools bet imo.
  2. Maybe. but with the Yanks offense doing their impersonation of a bad A-ball squad, their relief corp imploding, their starting pitching being suspect and their manager doing his best Captain Peachfuzz impersonation, at this point I would not bet on any of their hitters beyond LaMahieu, Voit, Frazier and Urshella. You know they have hit a new low when they lose 3 of 4 in Camden Yards to the O's and can't hit Oriole pitching while doing it. Andujar has no place to play and his defense is laughable. And Boone insists on resting people and getting ABs for the likes of Mike Ford despite them running 5-6 sub Mendoza line hitters out there each night...can't see how he plays regularly unless he starts tearing the cover off the ball.
  3. Possible but I tend to doubt it. Most likely they let Gardner walk (finally), release\trade Tauchman (not hitting much and seems to be unable to hit a fastball these days) and give Frazier the left field job and look to deal Hicks. Then go sign a quality OF that can play CF and stay on the field with the money they saved (Marte maybe if the Marlins do not pick up his option though he is hardly Mr. Durable either, but still better than Hicks). If I had to guess, they hope Sanchez rebuilds some value early next season (not worth much now) and would sign an adequate backstop that could play everyday if needed while looking to add a starting pitcher if possible since they likely will\should let Paxton walk as he can't stay on the field either. But who knows really? Never underestimate the ability of Cashman to screw it up.
  4. Don't bet on it. He is a fundamentally flawed, guess hitter who swings for the fences every AB. Honestly, we have seen enough of this guy over the past few years to know his approach is real bad, his baseball IQ very low imo and that it really does not take much to get him out as you do not have to throw him a strike even when he is going good (which is not often). When he is hitting the ball to right center is when he is hitting well and he seems to have completely gotten away from that and tries to hit one 500 ft every AB as if doing that is going to raise his ave 150 pts. Not likely to change imo. The Yanks really need to have a strategy session after the season and figure out what they want to do with the likes of Stanton, Hicks and Sanchez imo. You can make a case that they should look to unload all three of them in the right deal since the first two can't stay on the field and Sanchez is just too messed up. Unfortunately, while Hicks has something of a team friendly contract, Stanton's is unmove-able and Sanchez would be selling low, but at this point I do not see how they can continue with this type of player. In the old days, someone who hit .135 with a 45+% k rate would not even make it as a backup. Like I said before, the Yanks are regretting not re-signing Romine. They knew the risk with Sanchez as he has stunk up the joint before and it has blown up in their face along with Gardner for one more year, Hicks, Stanton, Judge and Paxton getting hurt again (shocking I know as who would have thought those 4 would get hurt again lol), etc. Last night they ran out 5 sub 200 hitters. A staff of Whitey Fords and CY Youngs would not save this team with the offense they are running out there and they have nothing close to a staff that good lol.
  5. Right now, this team is headed for implosion imo as not even Baltimore's pitching can save them. Boone insists on running the likes on Mike Ford and Sanchez out there regularly. In the former case only he knows why. In the latter case it is because a low 100 hitting C who strikes out almost half the time is the best they have (are they regretting not re-signing Romine). Add in Gardner, Hicks, Wade\Estrada (not regulars), Tauchman, Torres all of whom have not hit much all season. "The next man up" this season has turned into the next Mendoza line hitter up and it has been augmented by a number of regulars just stinking up the joint. You can't win when the only guys you have producing are Lamahieu, Voit and Urshella (and now he is hurt) with some occasional support from Frazier (when he is not rested so a 100 hitter can get some ABs). Add in the bullpen not being sharp the past few weeks and some generally mediocre pitching overall and you get a team that if this continues will be a low seed in the playoffs and likely out in the first round imo.
  6. Extremely unlikely. Not only selling low, but as was noted, he is the face of the franchise from a marketing perspective with the Judge's chamber and all. The fan backlash and marketing loss would be huge and in the end they would never get enough in return. They more or less just have to hope he somehow finds a way to become less injury prone. In the worst case they might unload him in his last year before free agency if they came to the determination they would not be re-signing him. In the case of Hicks, his contract is decent so he could be moved. But he has to stay on the field and produce decent for awhile to build back his value. In the case of Stanton, his contract is horrible and they likely would have to eat a good portion of it to unload him for anything decent which is likely never going to happen, esp since he seems to not be able to stay on the field for more than a few weeks at a time. It is what it is.
  7. Keeping Gray?...the man was clueless in NY. You can argue that was coaching but that is difficult to believe. More likely what is between his head. As to expecting an OF\DH combo of Stanton, Hicks and Judge to stay healthy for any length of time at this point is like wishing for snow in August in NY. Not a chance. Not a question of whether they get hurt, but when and for how long. Say what you will about Frazier, right now he is our best OF offensively and likely to be that for a couple more weeks min. It is not his fault he has to bat 3rd or 4th instead of 6th or 7th where he should because they have a combo of role players and under-performing stiffs at multiple positions. As to Ford, he is a backup 1b playing more than he should because Boone for whatever god unknown reason likes to get him ABs and sit one of Tauchman, Gardner, Hicks or Frazier with regularity. He is over-managing instead of going with his best players every day as much as he can. And again, why you would want a clubhouse problem and moron and trade away an MLB OF and your best pitching prospect for him is beyond me. They are not going to go deep in the playoffs unless they stop fielding a AAA offense by and large, get everyone back and playing well. And that is not going to happen anytime soon. If it does and if they get some luck, they can win it all. If it doesn't, one more pitcher is not likely to make a difference when they can't score and are playing 4 or 5 sub Mendoza line hitters every day. And top playoff teams do not send out 4th or 5th starters in the players to go hang curves for the likes of .125 Sanchez to hit. The starting pitching has been by and large good over the current struggle period. It is their so called stellar bullpen and horrible offense that is killing them. That may correct itself and when it does, like many mediocre teams, the starting pitching may go slump as mediocre teams often run into the old when they hit they don't pitch, when they pitch they don't hit quagmire. We shall see what happens, but trading away the farm to get a starting pitcher that may or may not help in the current environment and haphazard schedule would have been foolish imo and a panic move. What Cashman should be doing for next season is figuring a way to unload Stanton (almost impossible) and Hicks and rebuild the OF with more reliable, consistent guys. It is pretty clear you can not rely on either of them to stay on the field for more than a month or two of a season. Judge is in the same boat, but they are not going to deal him.
  8. They are not bubble wrapping anyone. Well beyond that point. Stanton and Judge are pieces or glass. Their body types are such that they lack flexibility as it is imo and they both seem to just be brittle and will pull a muscle breathing. As to the others, they managed to get Hicks who is always hurt....Paxton who is always hurt...Sanchez who gets hurt a lot as well, etc. The only fairly durable ones are Lamahieu, Voit (to a degree), Torres (this year not withstanding) and Urshella. Gardner stays healthy most of the time as well.
  9. Yeah if you want another selfish moron on your team and want to overpay to get him. And as I noted, they are not going to win with or without another SP if their entire squad is on the IL and they have enough to win it all in theory already if they actually managed to get everyone on the field for an extended period of time. Why should they massively overpay with their top pitching prospect and a MLB ready OF that should probably be starting for them every day as it is to get another SP that is such a selfish moron he risked his team mates season and health to go out on the town with his equally stupid buddy?
  10. Easy when you have the Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Whitey Ford of injuries on your roster in the form of Stanton, Judge and Paxton. To say nothing of honorable mention\single season injury MVP types like Hicks.
  11. Not like Cashman had much of a choice imo. Never been a fan of his, but outside of Clevinger and Lynn, there was not a lot there worth trading for. In the former case, the man is of questionable character and not really a good fit for the clubhouse imo (to say nothing of needing a hair cut if he came over lol). In the latter case, we went that way with Lynn before and he was not that great. You could argue he improved since going to Texas, but I would not want to trade for him to watch him pull another Sonny Gray on us and Texas, like usual, was asking for too much by all accounts. They have a glut of OFs so getting Marte did not make any sense. It is not like they do not have quality OFs in bulk...they have quality OFs that can't stay on the field. At this point, with 16 teams in the playoffs they are almost guaranteed a spot barring a complete implosion (though it has not looked good lately) and they are going nowhere anyway if they continue to have most of their key players perpetually hurt. Even Clevinger would not make a difference if if Judge, Stanton and Torres all remain out, Sanchez is hitting the temperature, Hicks (when he is not hurt) and Gardner are hitting their weight, Urshella is scuffling\hurt, Paxton is hurt (again), etc. Something is fundamentally wrong with this team's conditioning\training to continue to get hurt to this level over the course of 2 seasons now imo.
  12. A beer league softball pitcher could probably throw 6 IPs with only a couple of runs against what is passing for the Yank's lineup these days, so judging Glasnow based on that is a bit misleading imo. He had good stuff, but the Yanks offense right now is real bad. Seriously, it basically consists of Lamahieu, Voit and a bunch of stiffs right now who are either slumping badly or role players. The box score from last night is below. They have 3 hitters hitting in the 100s. Mercer and Hicks (has not hit all season) in the low 200s. Urshela is slumping badly\probably still hurting. Tauchman and Frazier get bounced around by Boone and don't get regular ABs\playing time so their production is stunted imo (though Tauchman has not shown any power this year). Without Judge, Stanton and Torres in the lineup with at least a chance 6 or 7 of the players can be productive at any given time, all the opposition really needs to do is make sure Voit and Lamahieu do not beat them. It would be even worse if Sanchez did not get a mistake to crush against the Mets and the Met pen had not imploded over the weekend. HITTERS AB R H RBI AVG D. LeMahieu 2B 5 1 2 0 .398 L. Voit DH 4 1 1 2 .301 M. Ford 1B 4 0 1 0 .182 C. Frazier RF 4 0 1 0 .295 G. Urshela 3B 4 1 1 1 .239 M. Tauchman LF 4 0 0 0 .261 G. Sanchez C 4 0 0 0 .128 J. Mercer SS 2 0 0 0 .200 a- A. Hicks PH 1 0 1 0 .218 B. Gardner CF 3 0 0 0 .169
  13. Has not really been pitching like one, last start not withstanding. Often injured, never has pitched more than 111 IPs in a season. Lsat year's "ace" stats came over 60 IPs.
  14. 5x5 Roto, 9 team, keep any 6, 13/9/2C lineups. Who would you rather have long term?
  15. Ehhh. In a dynasty with holds he might hold some value, esp. if he is traded (though KC pretty much has destroyed the value there). In a regular redraft or keeper, he is an easy cut imo.