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  1. Ditto. A veto sure to happen. Completely ridiculous imo, esp. when you consider Yelich is locked in at a low price for 6 years lol.
  2. So what stats will Bird put up while on the DL lol? I get the bargain bin shopping at min salary thing, but you really can't build a team around someone like Bird. Contenders should want no part of him imo. And then of course there is the obvious that he often does less damage to your team on the DL then when he is playing lol.
  3. I am not a Severino fan as he is Jekyl and Hyde on the mound when he manages to actually stay on the field. He will look like a CY contender at times and then just look awful at times. Still, he has ace upside on a very good team, so there is no way I trade him for that.
  4. Not a fan. As others have mentioned, trading the best player in the game and an annual MVP candidate for what amounts to a decent 3b (though not great) and a couple of prospect types no matter how much hype they have behind them is just not something I would ever do. Mike Trout is only 28. It is not like he is 36. I think sometimes people in keepers\dynasties get caught up in the prospect hype and think that somehow if they trade for a bunch of top prospect they are guaranteed to be a powerhouse for years to come. A lot of times those prospects turn into pumpkins or do not reach anywhere near the level they were projected to. If Vlad ends up being a round 5 type (a very good player) and Chapman remains Chapman, it ends up being a really bad trade imo. In fact, the only way it ends up being a positive is if Vlad ends up being an annual first round type...not a bet I would make.
  5. Yeah the Sevi that was the absolute worst SP in MLB in the second half of 2018 or that got hammered in a winner take all wild card game vs Minn that year...Or the Paxton of the first half of 2019...when either manages to be on the field that is lol. Seriously, take off the rose colored glasses. Severino has not proven a thing beyond his wild inconsistency. Paxton has not proven anything beyond the fact that he can't stay on the field. The season is 6 months long + 1 month for the playoffs...not 3 months and show up on the field or decide not pitch like crap whenever the mood strikes you. Neither of these guys is anything beyond a number 3 until such time as they prove otherwise and you seem to want to pin a pennant on faith that these two guys will get their head out of their back side and play well for an entire season in 2020. You know what they say about repeating the same thing and expecting different results. The most likely result is Paxton gets hurt like he always does and Severino continues the Jekyl and Hyde act. And as to the pen and offense...exactly what has that won them in the past 3 years? Pitching wins pennants and I do not mean guys that pitch 4 Ips and are gone with the third time through the opponent's lineup.
  6. I think Hal is smart enough to know what the team needs and what a title brings to revenue and franchise value. Whether he is willing to outbid everyone else in years is the real debate imo. Only a fool thinks this team is going to get over the hump with a bunch of number 3 Sps along with praying one of them actually develops into something better imo.
  7. Not really surprising. I doubt anyone even claims Bird and he likely is going to go to AAA to rebuild some value (maybe) as his value in a trade or free agent market is zero imo.
  8. Why would you assume a coach can make a pitcher better? By and large, they are what they are if they are established players and are prone at times to being unable to handle NY. How they handle younger players is more the issue with coaches imo and since the Yanks never really develop young SPs worth squat, there really is not much to discuss beyond maybe Severino's inconsistency. Give someone Mussina or Smoltz and they look good because they were HOF'ers. Give them Carl Pavano or Sonny Gray and they look bad because they are weak and can't handle NY. Maybe they help with mechanics or approach, but by and large they generally end up being non-factors imo.
  9. Headhunting from the Yankees? The team that once let Pedro throw at Jeter and another player to start a game and did nothing about it? When it comes to playing "hard ball", unfortunately our team has not had the stomach for it in recent years. That said, given that Severino and others over the years have reportedly had signs stolen\pitches tipped and were totally clueless about it, I think it is far more likely that they were completely and totally inept and incompetent in this regard. As to a solution, this is not complicated, put down a sequence of signs on every pitch and switch your signs at least every few innings. It is not rocket science.
  10. Name the last time a pitching coach made a difference for any team lol? They all look good when they have Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine types. They all look bad when they have no talent to work with. Just look at the career of Leo Mazzone after he left the Braves and went to Baltimore. I did not think Rothschild did a bad job. You can't blame him for Severino getting hurt, German getting suspended, Happ stinking it up, Paxton being Paxton, etc.
  11. Hal took on Stanton AND still managed to get under the luxury tax. If you think long term he is paying multiple tier penalties and send the payroll to high 200\low 300M to win, I think your are wishing he was his father. Not to say he would not push the envelop, but I just can't see him spending whatever it takes. And your attitude seems to be long term pitching contracts are bad while long term hitting isn't? And that you do not want long term contracts and would rather come in second\lose in the ALCS? We can disagree on pitcher X vs Pitcher Y, but seriously, if you think this team has the starting pitching on paper now to win I think you are just looking through rose colored glasses. No one is saying Verlander and Greinke are the next coming of Cy Young or Whitey Ford, but they are FAR FAR better and more likely to succeed in the playoffs than anyone we have. Going cheap and not taking risks is fine up to a point. But doing so here virtually guarantees more ALCS or ALDS eliminations imo. You can argue if only this or if only that, if only we got a few more timely hits here or a better performance from pitcher Y there, but that is the product of design. Top pitching shuts down top hitting far more often than not. It has been true since the dawn of the game. This bullpen\relief pitcher nonsense simply does not work in longer series as a general rule unless you get lucky. Running Paxton and Severino out there two or three times each in a 7 game series vs the likes of Verlander, Cole (where ever he lands), Greinke, Kluber, Beiber, Clevinger, Scherzer, Strasburg, etc.) is just not a bet I would make if I had alternatives. And as far as Cole goes, he is about as safe an option to roll the dice on as there is right now. I rather them take the chance then sit back and hope a bunch of guys that have never proven they can get it done decide to step up or hope you get lucky and the opposition starters have a number of bad games.
  12. I am not buying he was hurt the second half of 2018. I can't imagine the Yanks management is that crazy that they would risk sending a hurt SP of his potential out there and indeed start him in a do or die playoff game if he was hurt (where by all rights our season should have ended because he was awful). There were all sorts of speculation at the time from him being tired, to him tipping pitches, to him just outright being off for whatever reason. Who knows. Bottom line is if you trust him to perform as an ace in 2020, you are doing so based on hope\faith. To me, 200M+ payroll and you should be doing better than praying and relying on your faith. A bit of luck is always in play and sometimes as the saying goes, it pays to be lucky rather than good, but I just do not trust the guy to be anything more than inconsistent until he proves he can pitch April through October like a top SP. Betting another season on him stepping up is just crazy imo. As to being the favorites, I would not agree. To me, Houston with Verlander, Greinke and whatever else they have still has 2 Sps better than anything we have (and that is not to say they will not sign another SP (though obviously no one as expensive as Cole)). Houston has a far better rotation, can fix whatever issues they have in the bullpen in the offseason and their hitting is comparable. The Yanks lost because they ran a bunch of clowns out their for starters that could not go deep and match up with Houston (Tanaka one good game, one bad...same for Paxton)...that is not going to change barring a major step up from Severino and Paxton. Relying on that and the idiotic bullpen games and musical relief pitchers after the 2nd time through the lineup is just repeating the same routine and hoping for a different result. It is not a sound fact it is the definition of insanity. As to Cole, in an ideal world the Yanks would be able to not have to commit long term to a SP at that type of cash. I do not see an alternative. It is what it is and it is a hole of their own making because they have both failed to develop top pitching and failed with free agent signings in recent years to address it. It is what it is as they say. They passed on Verlander, Scherzer, Sale, Morton, Corbyn, etc. Pitts sent Cole to Houston despite an inferior offer. You can't just keep passing and missing out on top SPs and play this band-aid game and expect to get over the hump. They need a top SP really badly. Anyone that thinks otherwise is just deluding themselves with wishful thinking. It would be a shame if they did not take the chance to establish 2 or 3 titles while they have the window. In 3-4 years, Judge, Torres and others will get big bucks and barring Steinbrenner breaking the bank on the luxury tax (not seeing that happen as he is not his father), they simply will either have to let some of them walk or have to look elsewhere on the cheap. The window is now to establish the foundation. You can't build a house when your foundation lacks solid footing (namely some top Sps).
  13. By and large, Sabathia over the long haul of his original contract and extension was at best a push. He had not pitched like an ace since 2012 really. Not that he was all bad, but they were paying ace money (on his original contract and extension) for a guy delivery varying degrees of #3 to #5 SP since 2013. Later on they re-signed him at the end of his career for lower money, but there is no way they would have given him that deal if they knew he would essentially lose 5+ mphs off his fastball and turn into a #3-4 Sp by 2013. They extended him as an ace and he really did not deliver that. Mussina on the other hand, had one of his best seasons in the last year of his career and for the most part pitched at a high level for his entire career (though he too had a few off years along the way). He too lost mphs off his fastball as he aged, but Mussina was simply more talented with a larger arsenal than Sabathia and adapted a whole lot better.
  14. Part time 1b\DH\3b depending on what Urshella does next year and what happens with Voit and Ford. They have had enough injuries the past year and with DJL having multi-position flexibility, they should not have a lot of trouble finding 400+ ABs for someone who is producing imo. That said, what type of health Stanton has likely will play into it as well as he could end up filling DH most of the time if he pulls the same garbage he did this year.