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  1. Because either Judge is a slow healer or the Yanks are not giving the full extent\details of his injury (or both) imo. For all we know, he re-aggravated the injury a couple of times.
  2. I think you are under selling Robles. A mid to low level closer with OK stats on an OK team is worth more than a guy like McCullers coming off major surgery right now imo. It might work out for you, but I would think Robles could get a a safer, mid teen round level SP.
  3. I would note that Moncada never hit before last year and never hit for much power either. So one has to wonder whether that was in whole or part due to the juiced baseball. Mondesi offers elite speed with some definite downside risk. L. Gurriel has not managed to stay on the field or perform at a high level consistently. In a shallow 8 team league, I would think his value right now is on the fringe. Robinsln is in A-ball, so carries little value at this point beyond purely speculative. In 5x5 Roto, Mondesi's SBs offer substantial value in a scarce category on the high end imo. Basically, I think this is closer than it looks as such. If Mondesi ends up stealing 55 bags and hitting 270 with a little pop, he is going to be far more useful than Moncada even if Moncada is for real. Still like the Moncada side a bit more, but it could end up going either way imo.
  4. Arod's performance in the 2005-2012 playoffs excluding Minnesota playoff games (Minn can not beat the Yanks in a post-season series if their lives depended on it and had weak pitching for the most part) and the 2009 post-season (where for whatever reason he decided to show up) stands for itself as the pinnacle of choke-itis imo. There was a reason people called him the best 3 run homer hitter with a 5 run lead lol. I have no love for Stanton...wish they never made the deal. But he is far from being as totally and completely worthless as Arod who along with being near useless in a meaningful game was a roider and a habitual liar who was nothing but a disease in the clubhouse imo. He can try to rehab his rep all he wants as a broadcaster, it does not change the fact that he was suspended for a year, sued baseball over it (and lost) and in the end was basically the height of hypocrisy imo. As to Stanton, personally I would not draft him anywhere near the first 5 rounds, but that is mostly because at this stage of his career he is too brittle and too streaky. You could get round 1 or 2 production from him if he stays healthy, but the likelihood of that is not worth the price at this point. He is usually better left to let someone else pay a high price and take on that risk imo.
  5. I hardly think Stanton is the next coming of Arod from a choke perspective. Stanton's problems are two-fold imo. One he can't stay on the field and is brittle as glass. Whatever is going on with the Yankees' training staff with no flexibility and muscle bound outfielders that pull a muscle the minute they do something out of the ordinary needs to be addressed because both Stanton and Judge seem to me prone to the same affliction there. The other issue is that stupid extreme closed stance he has used for the past couple of years. Basically he can be pitched inside hard and thrown breaking balls breaking way off the plate that he goes fishing for a lot since the stance is basically set up for him to crush balls on the outer half and he is looking for balls outside or on the outer part of the plate. He has refused to adjust since changing to that stance and until he does he will be extremely susceptible to long cold streaks when his pitch recognition is not good and he goes chasing that breaking stuff away imo.
  6. As long as you have DL spots, why not? That said, looks like you keep 8 in a 12 team league and have a decent core of keepers, so whether he would crack your keeper list for 2021 is problematic right now. Still, assuming he is back in 2021, he will carry some trade value in the worst case and even if he was too risky to keep into 2021 based on your other keepers, he could be a decent trade chip for an upgrade.
  7. Cole stays...not much to debate here. Freeman is the least valuable of the 4 and is the one to let go.
  8. 5x5 Roto, 10 team auction keeper, keep any 8, 13/9/2C/10 bench lineups, $300 budget, auction inflation is very high. I have the below team of keepers\potential keepers. Have not made up my mind of the last 2 with Bichette, Olson, Laurenao and Cruz leading the candidate list imo. Was looking to deal and upgrade keepers. One team has issues and likely would deal deGrom for the right price (he owns Greinke and Morton). Degrom would be $13 in 2020 and be eligible for a contract extension at that price for 1-3 additional years, so obviously, barring injury I would extend the player the 3 years and take my chances. I was thinking maybe try to deal Machado while he still has some name value and either Cruz or Bichette. Thereby adding a $13 deGrom to my keeper list and then having to choose the final keeper from among the remaining of Bichette\Crus, Olson or Laureano. The other option would be to package Clevinger with Machado for Degrom and simply look to upgrade the one SP slot for an additional $7 a year. That is probably easier to get done since this particular owner is definitely pitcher oriented. Clevinger can also be extended 3 years at $6 price tag, so it might be over paying at this point. Opinions? Have 6 no brainers imo: Trout $32 Baez $11 Soto $6 Albies $6 Clevinger $6 Flaherty $6 2 from the list below: Machado $2 (big disappointment, tired of him really) N. Cruz $16 (old, but the numbers are always there) C. Seager $1 (always hurt) Bichette $1 (unproven) Laureano 1-5 dollars M. Olson $6 Paxton $1 (inconsistent, gets hurt all the time) Urshella $1 Y. Gurriel $10 (old)
  9. You can debate Acuna over Trout, but that is another matter. Elite pitching is in far greater demand then elite hitting these past 2-3 years. It is not like it used to be 6-7 years ago where you could let your SPs slide and go for hitting early. Acuna is elite, so is Scherzer. Replacing Scherzer is problematic at best with the likes of Glassnow and Paddack. And what they do this year (if there is even a season) is sort of moot in a keeper as one has to still base the decision on 2021 value and beyond at this point. I have no problem trading Scherzer for Acuna straight up or with some complementary parts thrown in if that is what someone wants to do. Doing so on the assumption that Glasnow is somehow going to be your sure fire replacement is dubious at best imo. The guy has not proven he can even stay on the field let alone pitch at an elite level for an extended period of time. Time will tell obviously. 2 years ago people were calling Severino the next coming based off one good half a season. Now, he is being released in all but the deepest of keepers, heading for a long term absence. There simply is no way to know.
  10. A slight downgrade from Scherzer to Glasnow? Have to disagree with you there. Glasnow has never pitched more than 110 some odd innings in a season in his career and has a history of injuries Talking about him as being in the same general vicinity as Scherzer is a stretch imo. Yes the potential is there, but you do not trade established studs for potential imo. You trade it for reality, esp. at the beginning of the season. As to the trade, you can debate it. I am not a big fan of it. The Op gets Acuna, but gives up Scherzer. Loses an aging and declining Blackmon and Goldschmidt and a disappointing (to say the least) Nola and gets a couple of SPs who have some high ceilings and Edwin. Basically a push at best imo. It is sort of buying into the abilities of PAddack and Glasnow for established and older players on the decline. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.
  11. Taake Morton and run. Way too much risk with Carrasco and Lynn is not the pitcher Morton is.
  12. 5x5 Roto, 10 team auction keeper, keep any 8, 13/9/2C/10 bench lineups, $300 budget, auction inflation is very high. Have 6 no brainers imo: Trout $32 Baez $11 Soto $6 Albies $6 Clevinger $6 Flaherty $6 Pick the remaining 2 from the list below: Machado $2 (big disappointment, tired of him really) N. Cruz $16 (old, but the numbers are always there) C. Seager $1 (always hurt) Bichette $1 (unproven) Laureano 1-5 dollars M. Olson $6 Paxton $1 (inconsistent, gets hurt all the time) Urshella $1 Y. Gurriel $10 (old)
  13. True, but you are talking about a player that played in Houston and in the playoffs, not some loser who never played a meaningful game in his career prior to that.
  14. No pitcher is safe. Betts is headed to the pitcher's paradise in LA. Basically comes down to who you feel more comfortable with. Both should be fairly safe picks, but whether they give you first round or third round value is anyone's guess imo (assuming they stay healthy of course).