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  1. Checks log through 11 weeks of football:. Dalvin Cook: RB1 Overall. Adam "0 legit gamebreakers/deepthreats" Thielen: WR3 overall Justin "The Vikings primary Deep Threat in 2020 is Olabisi Johnson" Jefferson: WR 13 overall 😆😆😆
  2. Speaking of Diggs, someone who was Definitely NOT a steal: Dalvin "how to lose your league" Cook. He's ONLY the RB1 OVERALL (PPR. .5 PPR, standard, any format, etc.), through 11 games, after MISSING a full game and a half. Yea, not that guy. Slap yourself in the face right now if you didn't think the Vikings losing Diggs would equate to teams "stacking the LOS" and RENDERING their running game useless. Drafting a RB like Cook is HOW YOU LOSE your draft 😆😆😆. Who BELIEVED in that nonsense garbage? But yeah, Diggs man, him being a bum was EASILY the WORST TAKE OF THE 2020 fantasy offseason. EASILY. lmaoo
  3. Never, ever again. Would need to be at a round 4 or 5 discount, if that, to be draftable.
  4. Ahh yes, the nod of approval from Pisedirin. You know what this means boys: league winner here on out. Pis, care to give us what your opinion of Dalvin Cook is, and what you think the lack of "receiving weapons" in Minny would mean for his fantasy value?