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  1. Congratulations to the 3 people who still had him on their rosters.
  2. Denver's got their hands on a good one. This kid runs like a young Julio. Physically bigger, stronger and just faster than anyone in the NFL who tries to cover him. Hoping for some blow up games since they should be en route soon. Can not ask for more as a strong low-end WR1.
  3. A couple of things: Baynes looks like the real deal. The %s will fall, and so will his production, but he should absolutely be held after Ayton comes back. Back in training camp, Ayton came out strongly and said the following: With the way the Suns are playing right now, it's not out of the question they keep Baynes in a 25 MPG role (which is what he'll need to do damage) and just play Ayton in the 4/5 as opposed to strictly 5. Saric.. is not great and Ayton looks agile enough to guard perimeter 4s/longer 3s defensively. Ayton picked up his defense tremendously as the season ended last year, and even put up some great defensive stops on a number of wings down the stretch. A Rubio/Booker/Oubre/Ayton/Baynes lineup is the Suns best starting 5, and Frank/Saric/Bridges/Johnson/Carter is actually a very diverse bunch of skilled positions players to roll out as part of a bench mob.
  4. Great bounce back game. The remaining 70 or so games are going to be fun. Hope everyone got him for a discount after some rough few first weeks.
  5. Riveting insight. Makes you wonder what a lot of RW's favorite posters do for a living.
  6. This is a good situation for DJ. Their running game and offense needs to click for teams to let Cliff do what he does best, scheme. All this does is open up the field for a ton more short passes to the RBs and heavy usage either down or up in the game. But I too love a good RW overreaction like anyone, so comment along...
  7. It would get vetoed. Just like an Ayton for Holmes trade, or a PG for PJ Washington trade.
  8. I think what people are suggesting to you is that your team is going to be fine (health permitting) with Jimmy instead of Kyrie. The idea is you're not losing 3+ rounds worth of value, and that you're going to end up with a low to mid end first rounder in the same range as Kyrie. It's a lot like those who are currently upset they took AD over Towns in their drafts. From what we've seen so far, it's definitely looking like Towns is going to be the man over AD, but owning AD instead of Towns is not going to cost your team.
  9. This is what Butler does. He surveys and scopes out the landscape of any new team/teammates for about 5-10 games. Passes up a lot of shots. Will only go into selfish mode when he deems it necessary. With that said, once he does, it's absolutely bonkers. 10-15 FTs nightly. 2-5 steals, with a boat load of other goodies. Kyrie on a per game basis is probably going to be better, but it's more so due to Kyrie just playing in a much more fantasy friendly system, and a better fantasy asset. At the end of the day, you'll still be receiving a top 12 guy.
  10. Agreed. The variance in H2H skews him slightly more of a roto guy to me, since there is a chance he doesn't do much for 3 games a week, and leave you kind of hanging, bu swing it back with a 6-7 stock game when the weeks reset. At this point in roto, he's staying in my UTL spot all season long, as I'm sure those 120 steals and 70 or so blocks are coming. Not a lot of wings who also shoot around a 3 a game with some spare rebounds and non FG/FT killing %s are out there like this. To Thybulle's good health we enjoy!
  11. For those of you in roto leagues, his game is gold. Pencil in the 120 or so steals and 75 or so blocks plus whatever offensive stats in points/rebounds/assists as gravy. Won't shoot enough FGs or FTs to bother you, and his only real flaw is the abnormally high TOs thus far. The 120 steals and 75 blocks can potentially swing you top 3 finishes in those categories. On top of this, he looks to be a pure 3 and D guy, so there is potential for maybe 50-60 3s on top. Let's keep up the momentum!
  12. Wrong thread? The Suns are up 36 on the Warriors with 2 quarters left. Outside of a missed game, he's been alright.
  13. Didn't look too good. Odds are it's a mild sprain at the very least. Not good at all. Best case scenario is that the impact of the roll and his reaction looked a lot worse, but then again, that ankle did turn pretty sideways.
  14. I would love to be in leagues with people like this.