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  1. Are you kidding me??? They rather put Nimmo and Cano out there? Edit: Panik also comes in and takes playing time??? WTF!?
  2. Cave has hit 5 HRs in the last 7. With Buxton's setback, this guy is probably the regular center fielder. Worth a look.
  3. 1B is actually very thin this year. Don't know why Canha gets no fanfare at all.
  4. Last time I checked Quantrill is a righty.
  5. Can someone tell me why the Rays keep on putting Heredia in the lineup???
  6. Rogers was in a tough spot today, he threw 31 pitches yesterday for the 6 out save, and the Twins throw him out there again against the top of the Indians lineup. He's been the their most reliable arm this season, doubt the Twins will just cast him aside. His numbers are also pretty elite this season.
  7. Is this a save situation? He came in with a runner on second.
  8. Post all-star break: WHIP | BABIP | ERA | FIP | xFIP 1.40 .391 . 5.66 2.59 3.86 K/9 | BB/9 9.58 | 1.31 Underlying stats look solid. Think he has been largely unlucky. With a change of scenery, I think he is a good guy to buy low / take a chance on.
  9. Today is a good day! We can finally drop Wade Davis!
  10. This guy is pretty good. Two steals today! Was playing everyday even before Laureano getting hurt. Should be owned in every 12 team and plus leagues.
  11. Really? You think someone is going to trade for Romo?
  12. Lynn has been consistently good (omitting last year). Anibal Sanchez is an enigma.
  13. See Mark Melancon. I'd grab Oberg. Better safe than sorry.
  14. Okay. Me english no good. This fault is Google Translate.
  15. All I see is post-2014 Carlos Gomez...someone tell me if their crystal ball shows them something else...
  16. Why I'm glad you asked. Think he was pretty good, mashed a dozen homers that year I think...didn't need any Bench Coaches to tell me what to do.
  17. Who actually find advice here helpful? And why would I want your help in return, if you can't make simple decisions yourself?
  18. Any Twins follower here? What the hell is wrong with Taylor Rogers?