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  1. I tried to email you but that email address comes back undeliverable. Maybe u respond here with another email that works
  2. Assuming you have a good te. I would probably drop eifert

  3. Will draft asap likely start at 5pm est or possible sooner if i can get yahoo to accept a sooner time
  4. league safe buyin $20 - payouts - (50% to 1st, 30% to second, 20% to third) (100% buyins paid out.) Mostly -Standard rosters but lots of teams - slightly over half full - posting everywhere to try and fill all 20 spots - and get everyone paid up by 1pm tomorrow for a 330 draft. (roster = 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLX, 1 DEF - NO KICKERS) PM Me or email for details and invites - Svscores at hotmail
  5. ok I will join send invite. PM you my email
  6. this is a yahoo cash league (pay on yahoo - yahoo controls payouts - $75 entry fee auction SUPERFLEX - tonight 730 pm (sorry 730 pacific) 12 teams standard payouts - NO KICKER
  7. auction draft late tonight - SUPERFLEX league (2 QB allowed) its a yahoo cash league (pay when you signup. 12 teams - standard rosters except no kicker - and add a superflex spot. QB td 4 / INT -2 everything else pretty normal league settings.
  8. We are doing a 15 team auction with rosters set to emulate the NFBC 5x5 standard ROTO - no quirks. Weekly lineups. Weekly FAAB 23 active roster spots - 7 reserve spots League on fantrax If you want a spot - EMAIL ME -