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  1. John Collins finishes the season in the top 25. Draymond Green averages more than 10 points (a stretch, I know). Steph makes 5.5 3PM a game.
  2. I'm all in on Trae this season. His post-all-star numbers were great. I think he'll have a top 30 finish.
  3. He definitely has top 20 upside IMO, but I don't think we see it this season (his FT% and 3PM will be the main issue). People are going to be taking him in the 2nd or 3rd round, but I've got him projected to be a fringe top 50 player this season.
  4. I've done some very early projections, and outside of Zion and Ja, I don't currently have anybody in the top 90 (granted things will change as free agency and trades take place). If anybody is interested, here's the rookie projections (there's a lot of 10MPG placeholders for guys I need to see more of / unsure about how much playing time they're going to get): https://hashtagbasketball.com/nba-rookie-projections
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