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  1. Thanks guys for advice, went out and got Eloy instead with Soroka plus
  2. Got the deal done thanks for the advice guys I did not like losing the picks either but now my OF is Trout, Acuna, and Eloy, we only use 2 OF slots this year but will move to 3 next year so this virus seemed a good time to go get another one. Now I need to go out and see what type of replacement pitching I can find for Brandon Lowe.
  3. 50 man dyansty, h2h cats plus OPS and QS over wins, both Soroka and Eloy have the same type contract The team trading the draft picks is not building Soroka Vidal Brujan FYPD picks 1.7 and 1.8 (Our draft includes J2 players) for Eloy Jiminez Without knowing roster which side would you want? Thanks
  4. 50 man dynasty h2h cats plus OPS, QS instead of wins Who would you rather have without knowing roster 2 yrs of Corey Seager or 4 yrs of Soroka I would be able to tag Seager in 2 yrs but his contract would go up before Sorokas did.
  5. 20 team dynasty reg cats plus OPS Would you rather have Bobby Witt Jr or Vidal Brujan rookie draft pick 1.7 - From the 2020 draft MLB draft cop
  6. Yor are two injuries away form Vlad for Trout, I stay with Trout. Mize is being sold high right now as he is on cusp and he could be great, and all that jazz, but there is concern and Trout is already great. Vlad is Vlad I love him but I love Trout more, Bieber is nice but I am not trading Trout for majority pitching
  7. I just want to mark this thread as historic for me as it is the first time I have ever said in anything do not keep Trout over someone else including any isane Trout offer I have seen on him, I do have the luxury of having both though in a dynasty, took some work though, oh and Vlad, but not to brag lol
  8. I have actually thought about this more and I think I am letting my bias get the best of me and do not want to give bad advice based on that so if the cheating thing had never happened I would have gone Bregman all the way, so I need to take that out of the equation and admit I am wrong and change to Bregman.
  9. True and those are valid what ifs. I may be a bit bais when it comes to Bregman but there is a lot of negativity in Houston. Who knows maybe it helps him but I would stay away. I am confident that Rendon will be fine though. Too good a hitter imo. I am confident he can make adjustments. One way to find out, bring on the season!
  10. Rendon, who knows how all the negativity in Houston effects Bregman, maybe not at all but still going Rendon. It could affect those around Bregman also which in turn effects him and stats.
  11. 100% stay put, I would not even consider it for a second
  12. Acuna, steals, love Trout but he will not be stealing as much