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  1. I was curious, thanks for clarifying, I did the deal and got Soto on my team
  2. Gotcha, I suppose that makes his post make more sense but still lacks logic. My initial offer for Soto a while back was Soroka, Brujan, 1.7 and 1.8 but that was an easy no for him as it should be. I forgot he was the pitcher guy
  3. I never see this guys posts as I have him hidden so I always forget but thanks for showing me what I have been missing lol To be honest I am not even postive what he is saying. Keep my trio, but then counter and move a mountain. Would that not be what I am already doing. Who knows lol,
  4. A main reason for my justification was Eloy and his K's... It may not end up being an issue at all but if it does and he becomes more average then this deal looks a lot better for me. If it does not and I am wrong, well, I still have Soto so a really hard deal to lose imo. It is a gamble because Senzel could go off too but if no risk no fun or some **** like that The deal was done before I posted. I am the one who traded away the trio for Soto. I know it was a lot to give but my team can take the hit. Where it gets me is bench depth but my starting lineup is now stacked. Our league has only 2 starting OF slots. We are moving to 3 next year and Covid was the perfect time to work on getting a 3rd starter. It took months as I did not have what he wanted and if I overpayed then it would not be in a way I could justify it. So I went out pulled a few other trades and put together the package you see. My other two OF are Trout and Acuna Jr. I tried parting with just two and he almost did that, so I knew if I tossed in Lowe it would push it over the edge. While I may lose bench depth as said, that can also be replaced in time
  5. Part of me says Verlander because he is the man but he is also 37. Clevinger is only but he seems to be injury prone. If looking at next year and nothing forward of that as far as contracts then I probably go Verlander. I am still disagreeing with myself but that is the best I got.
  6. 20 team dynasty, h2h cats plus OPS, 50man roster As far as their contracts Soto has 1 yr left on his prospect contract while Eloy, Senzel, and Lowe all have 2yrs. Then each player can be tagged for a future 2 yrs at $3m and $5m. So Soto basically has 1 less year than all the other players in deal. They can even be tagged further beyond that however that is when the contracts start really going up. Do not worry about my roster just looking for value. I know Soto is best player in deal and that is the reason I went ahead and did this trade and the fact he is younger despite the contract. Can Eloy be Soto, maybe, is Senzel a buy low candidate right now, I think so, I am indifferent to Lowe, though I will miss him as a bench piece. Good roster glue but value wise when it comes to Soto he was a toss in for me. Anyway down the line if Senzel takes off and my worries about Eloys strikeouts are unfounded I really do not think there is a way I will regret this trade. Though I do miss Senzel as just a favorite persoanlly for whatever reason, but as said it is Soto and why would I not want Childish Bambino on my roster. Thanks Juan Soto for Eloy Jiminez Nick Senzel Brandon Lowe
  7. Thanks guys for advice, went out and got Eloy instead with Soroka plus
  8. Got the deal done thanks for the advice guys I did not like losing the picks either but now my OF is Trout, Acuna, and Eloy, we only use 2 OF slots this year but will move to 3 next year so this virus seemed a good time to go get another one. Now I need to go out and see what type of replacement pitching I can find for Brandon Lowe.
  9. 50 man dyansty, h2h cats plus OPS and QS over wins, both Soroka and Eloy have the same type contract The team trading the draft picks is not building Soroka Vidal Brujan FYPD picks 1.7 and 1.8 (Our draft includes J2 players) for Eloy Jiminez Without knowing roster which side would you want? Thanks
  10. 50 man dynasty h2h cats plus OPS, QS instead of wins Who would you rather have without knowing roster 2 yrs of Corey Seager or 4 yrs of Soroka I would be able to tag Seager in 2 yrs but his contract would go up before Sorokas did.
  11. 20 team dynasty reg cats plus OPS Would you rather have Bobby Witt Jr or Vidal Brujan rookie draft pick 1.7 - From the 2020 draft MLB draft cop
  12. Yor are two injuries away form Vlad for Trout, I stay with Trout. Mize is being sold high right now as he is on cusp and he could be great, and all that jazz, but there is concern and Trout is already great. Vlad is Vlad I love him but I love Trout more, Bieber is nice but I am not trading Trout for majority pitching