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  1. I could go after Lockett instead?
  2. 2 keepers. I would have kept Bell and Conner, but likely keep Saquon and maybe draft after that. Hes also got Zeke, so at least one these guys could come back to me next season.
  3. I would not do it. I would go on the offensive and see if you can improve your RBs... maybe try to cash in on Waller for instance.
  4. Second this fine gentleman's thoughts!
  5. Sanders and Sing .. Guice is tempting because of the unknown, but dont get trapped! I just dropped him in one league.
  6. Keeper, Standard. I get Saquon and Marquise Brown for Lev Bell and James Conner. He also wants a 3rd round pick for a 5th. I am deep at RB - D. Williams, Singletary, Sony Michel, Tevin Coleman. I am also tragically light for WR (Beckham, JuJu, Woods, Gallup). Conner has injury risk, Bell has a case of the Gase. Is this a good trade??
  7. Great team. Stay put and keep thompson... hes just depth for you so you dont need him now. I would drop njoku for doyle.
  8. You need a more reliable RB option. Someone not too pricey but effective. 2 for 1 target for Mixon? Michel? I would flip shady on his name - maybe 1 for 1 with someone. Goff is a definite piece to include... no need to roster two QBs unless you are seriously concerned with Cam
  9. I like landry. WRs changing systems always take time to adjust... plus DT is the clear #2 where as landry is the 1. Thanks for help on mine.
  10. Always team dependent but golladay has the better trend this week
  11. I wouldn't have done it... Robinson can be serviceable but lacks ceiling and can bust more often than not. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731749-sutton-trequan-or-cooper-whir/
  12. No way. Keep thomas. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731749-sutton-trequan-or-cooper-whir/
  13. Golladay for sure.. would gave said that before the Tate trade too