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  1. Looking for a money league that is drafting this coming weekend. I am looking for a 12 team league with typical ESPN roster that is PPR and uses leaguesafe. Price range anywhere from 25 to 100 entry. Thanks Brian
  2. Looking for one owner. Keep up to 2 players. His keepers are Altuve and Machado. League settings listed below. Please email me at if interested. Thanks Brian
  3. Only one spot left! See settings below for the league. $600 1st, $300 2nd, and $100 3rd. Thanks! Brian
  4. Only 2 teams left in the league. We only keep up to 2 keepers and the following players were thrown back to choose from to keep. Jacob Degrom, Paul Goldy, Fransisco Lindor, Bryce Harper, Freddie Freeman, Trevor Story, Javier Baez, Justin Verlander, Christian Yelich, Gerrit Cole, Blake Snell, among others! Please email me at if interested in one of the last 2 teams! Thanks Brian
  5. Team 1 is gone. Only need more 2 owners in this very competitive league! Please email me at if interested. Brian
  6. $100 entry fee (leaguesafe), 10 Team ESPN H2H Keeper Points league 2nd year keepers league needs a few owners for its 2019 season. Keep up to 2 players (limit number to make league competitive every year instead of having one/two dominate teams every year) Here are some teams presently available with best players: Team 1: Altuve, Machado, Story Team 2: Yelich, Stanton Team 3: Harper, Correa, Severino Keep in mind that you don't have to keep 2 players and the following teams below are teams in the league that will have to throw back some great players since they can only keep a max of 2 players, so a person could keep none/one and draft first among the players dropped below. Team: Sale/Turner/Bregman/Nola Team: Arrenando/Lindor/Acuna Team: Scherzer/Degrom/Jose Ramirez/Goldschmidt The draft will be held on Monday March 18th. Here are the settings: Payouts: 1st Place 600$ 2nd Place 300$ 3rd Place 100$ Email me directly at if interested. Thanks. Brian
  7. Only 3 teams left MLB General - Yelich, Stanton Greasy - Harper, Correa, Severino Dagos - Altuve, Machado, Story, Beintendi If you only want to keep one player, some teams going to have throw back some great players that you could have as your 2nd as well. One team has Arrenando/Lindor/Acuna,one team has Scherzer/Degrom/ Jose Ramirez/ Goldschmidt. Both these teams can only keep up to 2, so there will be some elite options to chose from your 2nd keeper as well. $600 1st, $300 2nd, and $100 3rd Email me at if interested Thanks Brian
  8. Looking for a few owners in an ESPN $100 H2H Points Keeper League, keep up to 2 ( we do a low number so easier to turn around a team and keep league competitive every year, instead of a team always dominating with a bunch of keepers). We will be using leaguesafe majority approval. I listed below the teams below and their best keepers. If interested please email me at I can invite you to the league and you can take a look at all the settings to see if your interested. Team America - Mike Trout, Ryan Hoskins, Trevor Bauer Sultans - Trea Turner, Alex Bregman, Aaron Nola, Chris Sale MLB General - Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich Greasy - Bryce Harper, Carlos Correa, Luis Severino, Matt Carpenter Dragos - Jose Altuve, Manny Machado, Trevor Story, Andrew Beintindi Thanks Brian
  9. Thanks for the offer but gotta pass. Not sure I would like a daily league. Brian
  10. Interested. Please email me details at if still available.
  11. Email me at if you need one more. I want to draft tonight and not tomorrow so waiting to see if you have enough guys tonight. Also, would prefer to see league votes on trades and not just LM to avoid problems but you call since it's your league. thanks