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  1. Which of the 3 would you rather have rest of the season? Looking to grab one of them from the waivers. Tannehill Minshew Wentz Thanks! Leave a link
  2. Been seeing Terry go in round 4. Where are ya'll taking him?
  3. Thoughts on Sutton this year? Where are ya'll drafting him?
  4. Worth picking up? How long until he gets up to speed?
  5. "Lloyd Pierce said that even if Clint Capela (plantar fasciitis) plays "in a few games" for the Hawks this season, he'll be on a minutes restriction." Time to drop I guess. Don't see him being useful in playoffs even if he returns in a couple weeks.
  6. It's a gamble either way but I'd say go for it and hope PG doesn't miss as many games moving forward. Thanks for your help on mine
  7. I would go with Brook and Bridges. Nance is going to be hit/miss depending on if Love, Tristan, and Drummond are resting. Thanks for your help on mine
  8. Should I use my #2 waiver on Capela? I have one IR spot with Kennard in it and am also holding on to Jaren Jackson Jr so one of those guys would be my drop. My league's playoffs start in a week. Leave a link, WHIR
  9. 1. Chriss 2. Millsap I don't trust OG just yet. And it sounds like Bryant will be back right after the break so I'm not too confident about Wagner.
  10. Currently #2 in my categories league. Thinking about using my #2 waiver on jason richardson. Will the arrival of Alec burks or glenn robinson III hurt his minutes? Thanks! WHIR
  11. Been holding on to a #2 waiver and I just might have to burn it on jrich
  12. Picked up Beasley yesterday but will be monitoring Juan's game today. Hope they both end up with solid contributions
  13. I badly need that PF eligibility on ESPN. Any idea if/when ESPN might give him that eligibility?