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  1. i missed him, really hope this pels team sneaks into that 8th spot
  2. still, unreliable or not, he should be your second or third option, you can handle the biz without him (if u have like 3,4 main guys out then obviously not) but i aint dropping this beast even if he misses the next 3 weeks, fav is a national treasure
  3. they said he’ll play around 20mins today...still glad he’s finally back
  4. read that he was with the team but they sent him back to LA so thats obviously alarming but they said he can get back with the team at any point of the 6 game road trip...but still, hammy injuries are a serious pain in the a**
  5. if anything, BI can score in a variety of ways, Zion has ways to go so for now, BI is as much of a franchise guy as Zion is to the Pels, his contract is gonna show that this summer
  6. hahaha this is just absurd but i hope BI goes for the 50 piece now
  7. what is this bullshit, two times in a row robbed the pels of a chance to win against jazz....
  8. bombed my fg this week but i needed those assists, half of my starting five is down
  9. what a shame they lost 13 in a row, i like this pelicans team very much...and favors fits this team perfectly, i wish they keep him for the long run, dude is so good
  10. mitchell 5/16 levert 3/11 prince 3/9 jaren 5/13 and still waiting for burks to play....way to start my week....also had lonzo, hart and bridges go 10/38 yesterday....
  11. i wish he attacked the basket more, guys cant keep up with him plus he can always find that open guy...im okay with these kind of shooting nights, i dont care but he seriously needs to attack that rim
  12. seriously, we want hayes to suceed but favors is the staple of that team under the rim, without him they look like a 10-72 team