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  1. corona the best thing ever to happen to the league, this bubble is straight fire, can't wait for the playoffs
  2. btw 4 nets players tested positive and the nets as they tend to do, are not saying who tested positive
  3. i already explained my view on that, i loved it when i lived in the states, lots of opportunities, the culture that i fit right into, lots of great people that i met and am still in contact with, lots of people that helped me and wanted to help me, i mean its exactly why foreingers tend to want to go there, the language is easy, the country is so large one cannot imagine so theres infinite amount of opportunities for a good payday if youre willing to work, and generally speaking, most of these people that you’re not letting legally into ur country just want to contribute to your economy and live their life, and theyre willing to outwork everyone on their positions and willing to work the shitiest jobs that “americans” as ive noticed do not tend to do...and as ive said, USA has one of the most beautiful landscapes that ive ever seen in my life, i wish to go back there many more times during my lifetime but that doesnt mean that i cannot say **** about the state of the country even if i loved it there, the country that was/is so brainwashed with the arrogant and ignorant american exceptionalism (to which most foreigners throw up a lil in their mouth when they hear about it)...these newer generations of americans that ive met are going to probably be the first ones to grow up with some humility about their country cause theyre the ones that are having a tough time in todays america, theyre apart of insane college debts, loaning services, no affordable housing, expensive health care services etc...americans in general are so far removed of the realities of this world that when they first go out of the country they actually see how they are perceived around the world
  4. yeah okay, you’re the world’s police, everyone already gets that...everyone is already aware of all the “good work” that the US troops have done/are doing all over the world aka invaded multiple countries and started 90% of the wars since the WW2...yeah, keep that pride in your military and your leadership and keep living in that bubble that people outside of the US are grateful for the existence of your country and their “mighty” power
  5. yeah, i dont get it, in US on 75k yearly, they still take around 20-25k of your pay on all kind of taxes...why not for healthcare too?
  6. beal is a hof tbh if he keeps his career going in this direction
  7. but you guys gotta agree that its pretty ******** retarded that for ambulance services you have to pay more than 300$ upon exiting the premises of the hospitals...cmon, defending the US healthcare system at this point is pretty ridiculous, how many americans are not insured? 30? 40 million? or even more? u literally now have a bunch of people afraid of going to the hospitals to check themselves up for corona...
  8. at this rate olympics are going to be cancelled as well and moved for another year, they are discussed that...fifa is taking the same measures for european football championship this summer (will probably be played out in the summer of 2021) so its not impossible that we see all of the remaining games played out (i mean the pelicans, kings, blazers are going to be the loudest ones to argue not playing the full remaining schedule)...they have to salvage all of this somehow
  9. there’s no point in doing anything right now, wait until everything is resolved and we know what is up with the rest of the nba schedule, then decide
  10. Its gonna get ugly real soon in the US and the worst part is that u dont even have to feel any of the symptoms to be able to carry that disease for 2 weeks on you
  11. where did u read that i havent said what u just said or u just read my first sentence which was directed to his response saying that his career is over after this quoting myself: “it was inevitable, the whole USA is not ready for what is coming their way and already came weeks before” ps i literally live 3hrs away by a car from the italy border so im aware of the situation down there and all over europe