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  1. While on pure talent I would probably do this trade I wouldnt do it looking at the makeup of your team. You have a lot of guys that fill the same statistical role madrigal does
  2. Guys just to clarify as it says above I have luciano dominguez and pearson i would be getting franco
  3. i have an offer on the table of my Marco Luciano Jasson Dominguez Nate Pearson for Wander Franco it's a 10 prospect and 7 keeper league my other prospects include Luis Robert Ryan Mountcastle Matt Allan Vidal Brujan Luis Garcia Sandy Gaston My noteworthy keepers are Tatis Buxton Benintendi Robles I traded away all of my draft capital for this year to stock up for next year(i already have several high value picks for next year) as i knew guys like Robert and Mountcastle would be filling my keeper void. I also have the 3rd overall pick in the next minors draft potentially positioning me for a top intl signing or maybe torkelson/hancock if i'm lucky as well as a later 1st rd pick and then my 1st rd minor pick next year is decided on record which obviously with this composition im set to be egregiously bad and get another top prospect next year I made a similar deal in 2015 where i traded away Gallo and Russell for Bryant and that worked out but I didn't have the same love for Gallo and wasn't a big fan of AddRuss(though i had Bogaerts so that mightve been why) that I have for Luciano and Dominguez but I also realize Luciano has minimal proven numbers at the minor league level and Dominguez has none so the potential is there for this to be a mind blowing robbery. One additional factor is that with Luciano and Franco both are position blocked by Tatis on my roster (we don't have Mi/CI) so I would have an elite player locked into my utility slot most days What would you do ?
  4. B nothing has happened that say Urias won't still be the perennial cy young talent he was once touted as and anderson is a nice balanced keeper Robles looks to be missing something from really clicking and crawford is nothing but a hot streak wire guy at this point
  5. flaherty and honestly id drop 1 of jram/stanton for Contreras stanton more than jram but you cant discount the jram 1st half as just an outlier he is def on the other side of his peak
  6. b by a lot castillo is probably the best pitcher in the deal bryant has higher upside than moncada even if they have been playing at a similar level in recent times stroman still has a little juice to be a good trade piece for you in the future puk is a bit of a wildcard and mckay is going to be a megastud
  7. OF - Luis Robert RHP - Nate Pearson 2B/SS - Vidal Brujan RHP - Logan Gilbert SS - Marco Luciano 1B - Ryan Mountcastle OF - Jasson Dominguez 2B/SS - Luis Garcia 2B/3B - Nick Solak RHP - Matthew Allan OF - Kyle Lewis OF - George Valera RHP - Sandy Gaston im tanking in 2020 and stockpiling for 2021 when ill be able to main roster keep several of these guys who are near rookie limits or project for an early 2020 callup but i need to cut down to 10 im leaning valera and lewis and then trading pearson for jeff mcneil to shore up my main roster a bit need to cut down to 7 in mlb as well assume i acquire mcneil as stated above Fernando Tatis Jr. Matt Olson Andrew Benintendi Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Victor Robles Brian Anderson Cavan Biggio Lance Lynn (traded 1st overall pick for him so kinda forced into keeping him to flip and no i didnt know it would be 1st overall pick when i traded it because it was the 7th place team's 1st and i was in last place 100 games behind 11th and kept my pick only for the .009 percent chance to hit and have that pick be 1st overall in the lottery the league does) Michael Fulmer David Fletcher Dansby Swanson (ATL, 26) 71 Oscar Mercado (CLE, 25) 73 David Fletcher (LAA, 26) 73 Tyler O'Neill (STL, 25) 70 Harrison Bader (STL, 26) 69 i am actively trying to trade benintendi
  8. ill gladly jump in im a dynasty junky team 1 preferred but either works for me
  9. I'm pretty pick light this offseason 5 keeper points league for potential keepers I have no brainers Drummond booker probably no brainer JJJ the rest WCS Thad Young Middleton Love Osman of those the only 1 I can trade is Middleton and the market has been dry for a year on him so best i can net is a 4th I also have for picks 1st 4th 7th 2 8ths 2 9ths and then irrelevant picks I have on the table my 1st+4th for Druss Turner and Fultz do I dump Middleton for the 4th flip it for this package and keep JJJ turner Drummond booker druss and then evaluate Fultz at the keeper deadline and essentially give up love wcs and Osman for nothing? or stand pat?
  10. I'm a tanking expansion team in a 14 team 7 keeper 10 na league setting myself up nicely to get Adley and Torkle in the next 2 seasons my current roster is garbage whit merrifield alex verdugo fernando tatis paul de jeong corey kluber josh naylor lourdes gurriel ryan mcmahon edwin encarnacion willie calhoun brad peacock jimmy nelson corey kluber jose de leon michael fulmer prospects luis robert carter kieboom ryan mountcastle kevin maitan jose azocar mickey moniak jon duplantier sandy gaston nate pearson vidal brujan i got offered whit for matthew liberatore now i think this is probably already an overpay if i did it also ive been burned for years by lefties urias rodon owens manea you name it and really outside of snell and hader(who isnt a starter) there are no real lefties with more than 1 successful pro season over last 5 years of call ups so A. How much does being a leftie weigh on whether or not you do this B. Would you do this
  11. I have a 14 team h2h categories psuedo dynasty 7 keepers/10 na 250ab/100 ip limit for them before they have to be one of the 7 or not at all. I'm looking for ideas to implement to appease a stubborn commish that also gets the job done of preventing the significant churning of prospects without ever gaining any usage out of them that this setup causes So please help me out guys.
  12. Urias and look to move hampson in the muncy deal
  13. im an expansion team in a league i spent many years in prior i managed to do very well in the expansion draft and have some options 10 cat my keepers are kluber jd martinez jose berrios nicholas castellanos corey seager marcell ozuna kyle freeland minors are 6/7 max carter kieboom luis robert ryan mountcastle nate pearson oneil cruz sandy gaston i have some offers on the table seager for amed rosario and a 5th seager for hunter greene and willy adames ' would you do one of those or hold im also looking to move ozuna but have had no luck