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  1. probably for the same reason he is on the waiver wire in every one of my leagues granted, my leagues are all 12 teams instead of 14 ..... but i dont have lester anywhere near my top 300
  2. Just had to put Verlander on the DL ..... which potential closer has the most up upside as a replacement? Gregg Holland (KC) - Earned firs save for KC instead of Kennedy Anthony Bass (TOR) - Giles has arm issues ... not sure how bad yet Thanhs in advance! btw, its a 12-team standard 5x5 roto
  3. 10-team 5x5 Roto keeper league (keep 10) All thing being equal, which player would you prefer: Yasiel Pui ...., Miguel Andujar ...... or Adam Eaton? Who has most upside? Who is the safest option? Thanks in advance.....WHIR Note: whomever I pick up will be for bench depth at the Util spot, so position doesn't matter.
  4. Go with "follow waver rules" With that setting all undrafted players are placed on waivers for 2 days the same as they would if they were dropped. That way the whole league has a fair shot at the undrafted players ... otherwise you would have a free for all immediately after the draft
  5. thanks for help on mine: if you can get more as the others suggest, absolutely do it. But I still like both deals as-is. I am down on Ohtani,as a fantasy player ..... especially in Yahoo where he is split in two. His injury risk is high due to the dual roall and history ,,,, but as a hitter his AB's are limited due to all the off days around his starts. Get the best deal possible, but make the deal even if you can't get a better haul.
  6. It's a 10-team 5x5 roto league...keep 10 players I have 9 players pretty much locked in: 1B: Josh Bell 2B: Gleyber Torres 3B: Nolan Arenado SS: Francisco Lindor OF: Victor Robles UTIL: Adelberto Mondesi (ss) SP: Jack Flaherty SP: Blake Snell SP: Jose Berrios I am considering 2 players for the final slot: Jeff McNeil (of, 2b, 3b) Trea Mancini (of, 1b) Who do you think I should keep? Thanks in advance for the advice! (cue Rush advising me to keep both hitters, drop odorrizi from the list and then trade the other two pitchers)
  7. I have 4 legit RB's, but I can only start 3 of them this week. Who do I bench out of this group: Nick Chubb Chris Carson Aaron Jones Tevin Coleman Coleman in even more interesting this week since Brieda and Mostert are both dinged up so there may be less of a committee than usual. And Coleman is playing Thursday, so I have to make the call sooner than usual. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  8. It's a 1/2 PPR League..... start 1 QB, 2x WR, 2x RB, 1x Flex, 1x TE, 1x K, 1x Def My team: qb: Dak Prescott; Matt Ryan; Jameis Winston wr: Mike Evans; Tyler Lockett rb: Aaron Jones; Chris Carson; Alvin Kamara; Austin Ekeler; Carlos Hyde; Royce Freeman, David Montgomery te: Hunter Henry k: doesn't matter def: Patriots I want to turn some of my RB depth into WR depth. Would Allen Robinson be enough in return for Ekeler? I think on paper Ekeler has a little more value than Robinson......but Ekeler rides the bench most weeks that Jones, Carson and Kamare are healthy. And I still have Hyde as an insurance policy in case of injury. While Robinson would get much more playing time as a platoon with Lockett depending on match ups. Thanks for you advice in advance.....WHIR! note: i don't usually carry 3 qb's but I grabbed winston when Dak was on a bye and Ryan was injured last week.
  9. Some of the standings update live, but are not official .... (like the live scoring tab of the website). On the website, the stats in the "Standings" tab do not update live, but they are the "official standings". These standings update nightly, after all games from that day have concluded. I don't use the app much, but I believe the app operates the same way as the website. The "Standings" are official, but only update each night, so they don't reflect any stats earned that day. The cumulative stats shown on your team page do update live but are not official. Each morning, after the standings update and before that days games start, the stat's and standings should be identical in all locations on both the website and the app. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the Standings tab on the website it will tell you the date and time of the most recent update. One important note: the live scoring stats can be wildly inaccurate during the closing days of the season (esp. in roto). This is because the live updates do not account for teams that have reached the innings/games played limits. If a team has reached the innings limit but still has pitchers in the starting lineup, the live updates will give the team credit for all of the stats earned that day ....... but when the standings are updated that night this will be corrected
  10. Its a 10-team roto league. I currently have Mitch Garver as my catcher, who has performed well for me...... but Wilson Contreras is on the waiver wire (no DL slots in league) and it looks like he is ready to return form the IL this week Should I place a bid on Contreras tonight (FAAB....waivers run Sun. and Wed. only)? Or am I better off standing pat with Garver? I don't have room on my roster for both, so it is one or the other.......thanks in advance!
  11. with a little extra thought my overall assessment is the same, but I see your strategy more clearly (whether intentional or not) I think you went with a conservative version of "studs and duds" ..... but instead of (over)paying for the most elite players you just made sure that all of your starters were good to very good, even if that meant your bench was full of "duds". As long as you put in the time and effort to build your bench/depth ....and you aren't unlucky with injuries.........you should be golden. ... In fact, I just might steal this modified :studs and duds" strategy in my next auction of 12+ teams.... though I would likely target only 1 top-10 qb (instead of 2) and use the extra $ towards RB.
  12. I think your team is good, but not without flaws. You decided to pay for two top-10 qbs .....which makes sense in this format and does give you an edge, but as a result you missed out on a true #1 WR (although you do have a nice group of three #2 WR's and plenty of upside on the bench) ....... and you already pointed out the main weakness, which is lack of RB depth. In a 12 team superflex league most teams have some strengths and weaknesses after the draft...... your strength is QB..... and your starting RBs and WRs are solid . While you definitely need to address RB depth, there are likely teams with much more serious weaknesses that that in the league. There is some work to be done to build up your bench, but you set yourself up for a solid season...your starting lineup for Week 1 should be as good as just about anybody in your league (thanks for the help on mine)
  13. Looks good, you have at least 1 elite player at RB, WR and TE .......with a solid QB and then very nice depth at RB and WR. Also I think the decision will pretty easy re: who to drop when it comes time to grab a kicker and dst Chris Thompson and Mecole Hardman (thanks for the help with mine)