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  1. What would you kawhi owners accept for him at this stage? Top 30 player? Top 40? Just feeling out to see where his value sits at the moment.
  2. Been looking at targeting him as a buy low option but can't put my finger on what I should offer for him. Was thinking offering Ingram straight up or throwing in some steak knives with him. Is his knee really that bad? Is load management kawhi better than Ingram even with his injury history? Any help would be awesome, thanks boys.
  3. Yep, no brainer. Every chance lowry gets injured again later on due to his history/age.
  4. So this just happend in my league as well, 14 teamer. With the news of the warriors sayi g he won't definitely miss the entire season, still worth a no. 1 waiver?
  5. Have to agree with the others. OG seems to be the best fantasy player out of that lot. Bridges still working things out and tj just gets you points. Og the way to go brother.
  6. Boys, Recieved an offer of My giannis and teague For His beal/fox/sato. Usually I like to get the best deal in the trade but this helps with my depth. Plus I'm worried about teagues usage with kat being the monster he is. Any help would be great thanks boys!
  7. Worth dropping say kris Dunn for him in a deep league?
  8. Is the general consensus dropping dwhite? He's been awesome but if he's potentially out until asb, possibly longer, not sure I can hold him with capela in the ir and gharris sitting as well!
  9. Fair question. I'm banking on him being closer to 4 weeks than 6 which puts him back at the start of playoffs. As his injury is a yhunb, he shouldn't be on much of minutes limit, if any where as cov being a knee, he could take a couple of weeks until his minutes are back.
  10. Think I'm gonna pull the pin on cov boys. Got Clint in the ir, been missing Jimmy and kawhi all week (good to see kawhi back) and there's only 3 weeks left in our season of which I'm tied for top spot with 2 other blokes. Last I read he's only just been able to start doing work on a bike? Sounds a while off to me. Unless anyone else knows something I don't?
  11. Would you drop Winslow or white for him? In need of a pf but these two blokes are top 80 atm!
  12. Out of the two I prefer markennan due to his skillset. Gordon does have a good upside tho and a higher usage. It's probably coin flip territory. Comes down to the rest of ya teams needs. Are you sitting comfortably in playoffs? If not then it might be worth changing it up and bank on vuce getting traded
  13. Just been offered kat and jrue for ad and teague. Ad has been massive but the depth is very tempting. Plus teagues injury issues. Any help would be awesome!
  14. It's a redraft league. Might try tempt with kemba and boogie instead. Need to put cov in the ir!
  15. 14 team, 10 cat with dd, h2h league. Im looking at lbj but I am finding it difficult to gauge his true value. Yes he's the king and has been dominating but his hammy worries me a bit. is he worth say kemba and jrich? Is this too little or too much? Would be looking at a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 type thing.
  16. I'd go with gasol as well. Just offers so much more than horf. Yes he could get rested but he's more value able and can flip him in a week or two for someone more safe.
  17. Dsj recently dropped. White has been playing well lately and dsj the opposite. Is dsj the better ros player or should I leave it and stick with white? Thanks in advance boys
  18. Keep durant man. Walls knees are made of glass and sticky tape. Yes klay is far better than sag but I just don't trust walls health.
  19. That's a tough one. Feels like you're giving up a fair bit for derozan but I've always been an advocate for getting the best player in any trade. If you could grab bogan off the waivers then I'd probably do it, it's pretty close tho.
  20. In a 14 team h2h and I'm sitting on top. Only issue is I've got 3 injuries already (2 coming back next week hopefully so I've already conceded this week). Is rondo worth it? Do we think he'll be back after a couple of games out? Ps. Would need to drop either Winslow or kurucs for him. Do need a pg tho! Thanks in advance fellasa
  21. Main reason is because I wasn't sure if a one for one would work. The owner has been trying to sell high on siakam for a while and no one has been biting. I tend to think he could keep it up so happy to take the punt on him and on Mitchell to rediscover his rookie form.
  22. I've got jrich and have been looking at Mitchell as a buy low for a little while now. What are people's thoughts on these two? Would be looking at either a one for one or throwing in my jjj for his siakam(as I like his fg %).
  23. Pretty even too imo. Jjj will be a beast once he sorts out his foul issues
  24. I'd be keeping jrich. I own him myself and think he's a gun! The out of position blocks are so valuable and his usage is sky high. I'd be aiming higher than harrel