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  1. They posted on the weekend they would be 'going dark' until launching Pitcher List 5.0 Tuesday morning.
  2. Note list includes defense
  3. I want Gallen up as much as everyone else but the pitchers the marlins promoted instead of Gallen actually pitched really well.
  4. I don’t believe Espino classifies as a deep sleeper but someone to monitor for sure.
  5. In those 3 outings his ERA was 7.47, however, his FIP was 3.79 and xFIP 3.84. I am optimistic going forward.
  6. I'm guessing that coming back from the injury and missing spring training are the reasons for his struggles right now. Seemed like the pirates rushed him back too.
  7. Nick Burdi's injury was deemed to be the best case diagnosis and he got (3) opinions. I wouldn't read much into multiple opinions.
  8. In the lineup batting 7th... cheer up fellas
  9. Read it again "him compared to Matt Carpenter before his power outbreak"
  10. He has 11 runs in 13 games batting in the 1 or 2 spot. So if he is locked into the top of the order the counting stats will come. I don't know where I saw it but I saw him compared to Matt Carpenter before his power outbreak. I think this is a great comp. Mcneil's breakout pretty much started out of nowhere last year. He hit 22HR and had 13SB across 3 levels. His avg exit velocity his 90.9mph which I think is pretty good for his profile. I think its only a matter of time before we see some HR, especially once the weather heats up. Something that caught my eye is that he is 2nd in the league currently in HBP with 6. Seems like a lot.
  11. The issue with metrics is you don't have enough data yet. For example, Degrom currently has the worst hard hit%. I think Eno Sarris said you need 100 batted balls before you see the metrics normalize. Peralta is at 40 batted ball events currently. I agree his HR rate could stay high, however, statcast shows he has close to the same barrel % so far as last year. His LOB rate now is an anomaly that will get better. While it is still early, I see that his walks are down and he is living in the zone more (Up to 52.6% from 44% last year). I wonder if this is actually hurting him with only the 2 pitches. I think it is something to monitor until we have more info.
  12. I don't think his schedule difficulty is that different from other NL pitchers. Peralta's first game last year was 5.2IP 13K 0ER in coors followed by 4IP 5K 4ER in Minny. In other words, sometimes its not who the opponent is. I also wouldn't hang my hat on a 4.25 ERA (3.72 FIP). You're ignoring that he is a very high K/9 pitcher and would be the reason for drafting him. 4.25ERA is pretty good for a first year starter.
  13. It is kind of surprising to me. FWIW MLBTR predicted a 2yr 24million for Gio.
  14. At the end of the day it is 4.2 IP in March. Early March at that.