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  1. In his 34 innings as a starter he K’d 36. I like Urquidy but he is real tough to get a read on yet. SP Streamers scouting report on him is about as good as your gonna get until we get to see a larger sample.
  2. He has had less than 400 PA’s against lefties in his career. I disagree that that is plenty of chances.
  3. dilly3307


    Rd 4 4.1 W.Wilson 4.2 A.Volpe 4.3 G.Arias 4.4 M.Allen 4.5 M.Vargas 4.6 Jose Garcia 4.7 R.Preciado 4.8 A.Kloffenstein 4.9 Q.Preister 4.10 H.Hernandez(Tex)
  4. dilly3307


    Another one that’s not in the CBS system.
  5. dilly3307


    Anything jump out as a surprise to you? Other than Alvarez going that late?
  6. dilly3307


    Rd 3 3.25 Strumpf 3.26 Bracho 3.27 G.Jones 3.28 Manoah 3.29 Rutledge 3.30 Cavaco 3.31 Alexander Ramirez-NYM 3.32 Vera 3.33 Turang( someone released last year) 3.34 M.Urbina 3.35 Jiminez 3.36 Walston
  7. dilly3307


    Acosta, Acuna and Planez to name a few, are not in CBS yet.
  8. dilly3307


    Rd 2 2.13 Kirby 2.14 Hoese 2.15 Lodolo 2.16 Jung 2.17 Orelvis Martinez 2.18 Baty 2.19 Lora 2.20 Misner 2.21 Espino 2.22 Toglia 2.23 F.Alvarez 2.24 Busch
  9. dilly3307


    You’re correct. It’s through CBS and they are sometimes really late getting guys in the system. I’m assuming he was entered after our waiver wire was closed last season.
  10. dilly3307


    Here’s the 1st rd of my recent FYPD. 1.1 Dominguez 1.2 Vaughn 1.3 Rutschman 1.4 Abrams 1.5 Witt 1.6 R.Greene 1.7 Pena 1.8 Bleday 1.9 Carrol 1.10 Pausson 1.11 Bishop 1.12 Davis
  11. dilly3307


    Has anyone done any recent FYPD that they feel like sharing the results of?
  12. You’re bang on. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do the back end. Like I said, some guys are conservative and that’s fine. I’m more aggressive. My # 80 guy is an upside play that if things click he moves up along way.
  13. I like your list George because you’re not afraid to be aggressive in the back end! Some guys who put out lists are very conservative, and that’s fine. I find the conservative lists tend not point out the high upside guys and those are the guys I’m after.
  14. I’m not trying to be rude but if you want in on guys a year early, you’re gonna need to look at lists that are a lot deeper than top 50. I love Coach George’s work but I’m not sure there were any names that wouldn’t already classify as household. Not in the leagues I’m in anyway.