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  1. The deal they agreed to in March has a caveat that fans would need to be in attendance if not each owner would average a 640k loss. So if no fans this year that agreement is null.
  2. Because there is no need to for the owners. What greater good lol? If the owners just open the books to try and save this season then guess who ends up paying for it in the long run? The paying fans with even more outrageous prices when they allow fans back into the games. America runs on capitalism and the owners hold the trump card.
  3. Exactly right, Blake Snell is a idiot has no sympathy for the pandemic that we are enduring. This is gonna backfire on Snell for a long time.
  4. They would entertain the idea because they know the players will want to eventually play to try and make as much money as they can. So of course the owners will try and get the best deal they can as they should. That's how things go in a capitalistic society, and eventually you'd think the players would cave in to the owners or bye bye 2020 season.
  5. Except that the owners hold all the leverage, every bit of it. If the players don't agree to what the owners want then no season simple as that. It makes no sense to lose millions of dollars just so you can have the season. F it then no season if the players don't agree.
  6. Na, Blake Snell is a pro its not very hard to ramp back up for a season given they have a month (which they will). Imo Snells just mad because he was set to get paid 7 Million which is a lot more than his base salary of 1 million last year and now he wants "his". Reportedly its supposed to be an 82 game season, so why should he feel entitled for his full salary he's not playing 162, its just stupid. Especially with no or limited fans this year, does Snell expect the owners to just pay out of their pocket for this shortened season just so he can get "his"? Its just moronic he should be grateful to even play for 3.5 million.
  7. Yeah Blake Snell is a idiot, entitled, selfish pos saying he’s risking his life lol and needs more money just sad. He’s lucky he even won the cy young, Verlander had the better year and crushed him in war stat.
  8. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriquez. The guy was an absolute monster at his position. Could you guys imagine compared to catchers these days his 1999 season. 116 runs 35 hr's 113 rbi 332 average and 25 sb's good lord. Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson. Similar to Pudge he was just really dominate at his position and was fun to watch pitch.
  9. Yeah I was hoping to get into about 8 of their pro leagues but have only been able to get into 2. I don't see anything even close to filling mostly leagues with either 0, 1 or 2 people in them. Hopefully there more action in April.
  10. Tough to get a yahoo pro league to fill right now, no one is joining anything.
  11. Yeah the Coors effect is absolutely real I don't know why its so hard for people to comprehend. Arenado would do just fine if he got traded to a contender, most likely options would be the Braves or Phillies which would be great landing spots.
  12. Who knows quite possibly could be that 2018 was an outlier year for JoRam. I prefer the pure consistency that Arenado provides in elite 4 cats. Its not like Arenado has no ceiling lol hes been a stud 5 consecutive years.
  13. Yeah if you can get Arenado and Turner at the turn that's a massive start and set up to do really well.
  14. Whip seems pretty manageable with Osuna being among the league leaders (0.88 last year). Maybe I can get lucky with wins since that stat always has variance from year to year.