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  1. Right contracting covid during the pregnancy would be really scary, but he cant also have it both ways. Covid was always going to be a risk thru this season since there's no vaccine, no one thought California was just gonna be free and clear of covid. So his stance never should have changed at all, and pretty much just proves the whole "when and where" talk was just all bs from the start is what im getting at.
  2. Trout is Mr. "when and where" tho lol, funny how his stance changed quickly.
  3. Imagine the backlash from fans if Trout or Harper sit out after all that 'when and where" talk all the players were having lol.
  4. I didn’t ignore anything to me that old tired excuse holds zero weight. Basketball has nothing do with Trout having zero playoff success haha. Angels were more successful without Trout winning the World Series in 2002.
  5. Trout is a phenomenal player but to say he would play for no money is laughable. Why so many excuses for the best player many have ever seen? Before Trout came the angels frequently made playoffs even winning the World Series in 2002. Just my opinion but the best in every other sport have playoff success.
  6. What does basketball have to do with anything lol? Football, hockey, soccer pretty much every team sport takes more than 3-4 players to make playoffs. Even basketball takes more than 3-4 players to make playoffs. Such a silly comment lol.
  7. Shouldn’t the best player you have ever seen have won a playoff game by now? In his 8 year career he’s 1-12 with the angels being swept by the royals. Don’t get me wrong I draft Trout any chance I get but he’s no Ted Williams not even close. But hey at least that one playoff hit was a homer.
  8. Hahaha now the players didn’t vote today after all are they schizophrenic lol?
  9. Yeah just amazing when you think about it, a true hero. He was so good that when he came back from WWII he won al mvp just a flat out stud.
  10. The Players Association has a guy in charge who is planning to potentially pursue a law degree some day. Hahaha! No wonder the owners are taking the association to the cleaners. But good for him being close to getting a history degree. History was always my favorite subject. He can join me around the coffee table discussing the Peloponnesian Wars while someone else who knows how to really negotiate takes over the Players Association. Hahaha that’s hilarious.
  11. Please don’t compare Trout to Ted Williams. Williams was a true patriot in every sense of the word. Serving for our country during the prime of his career. Could you imagine Trout having to serve in the midst of his prime? He has trouble just staying healthy averaging 125 games the last three years. Trouts just worried about getting “his” from what he has said on Twitter.
  12. Oh dang that may not be a good sign....... lol
  13. Not at all I think it’s funny at this point how badly the players are at negotiating. Imo the player apologists are getting played hard and it’s hilarious at this point.
  14. But but the players want that extra 6 games or 3%..........Stupid f’ing players gonna ruin the season over 6 games.....Owners should stick it to the players and just cancel this season.