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  1. think i might have to go with the above. i was on the jram train but had to get off...couldn't handle it anymore
  2. 10 Team roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS - K/ERA/QS/HLD+SV Would you drop Fried for any of the following on the WW: C.Smith, Paddack, Merrill Kelly, Canning
  3. 10 Team roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS - K/ERA/QS/HLD+SV) A: Goldy, Verlander B: J.Bell, Giolito Not sure how to feel as Bell has been killing it in all cats compared to Goldy. Quality bat's seem to be harder to find.
  4. 10T Roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS -K/ERA/QS/SV+H) A: J.Bell, Andrus B: Goldy, Thor
  5. Does this guy steal? I don't know any of his minor numbers
  6. I'm guessing he is a drop. Should we wait for more news or is it almost certain he will be shutdown??
  7. Looking to drop Cespedes. Who would you P/U (OF): C.Dickerson, D.Dietrich, G.Polanco, Cargo ??
  8. So should we be hanging onto him in a 10 teamer?
  9. He is in 7th and I'm in 8th.
  10. I am thinking of offering Betts, Corbin and Shaw for Altuve, Machado, and Hand The avg rank for all 3 equals out and will fill come gaps. What do you think?
  11. Looking for some thoughts. My team is slowly going down the rankings as my entire team has been injured forever (as you can see in my sig). With the latest news on Murphy I am lacking at 2B and RP and wouldn't mind an upgrade at SS. I am thinking about possibly making an offer for Altuve(29), Machado(6), and Hand(60). His team is below. C - Cervelli 1B - E5 2B - Altuve 3B - Machado SS - Correa OF - Pham, Inciarte, Dickerson UTIL - C.Hernandez, Bird SP - Cole, Castillo, Tanaka, K.Hendricks, McCullers RP - Hand, Vazquez, Treinen, Boxberger What do you think might be able to get me that? Betts, Corbin, Semien and Carp? Too little? Hesitant to give up Betts but I think I need to do something.
  12. They are saying he is done for the rest of the season. FACK!
  13. I would go Gray he has been solid as of late.