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  1. Oh man, this is bad timing. Could the league maybe have an agreement to be able to drop affected players without allowing waiver claims and then have the LM just add those affected players back when the time comes? Just trying to come up with some options bc it’s the weekend and it’s possible this doesn’t get fixed for a few days. I can’t just drop Embiid so I can make moves.
  2. Our league is in the playoffs and the ESPN injury designation glitch is making life very difficult. Any suggestions to work around it?
  3. He reportedly was back on the bench almost immediately after going to the locker room. That’s usually a good sign.
  4. It’s crazy when this thread is only a page. I predict more people will be weighing in on Clarkson as the playoffs come. His production looks sustainable at these levels.
  5. I’ll take the hell out of that. Rest up Dolla.
  6. Hello fellow Dame owners. Waiting on this report has been torture. I keep switching between no news is good news and no news means they’re just waiting for the right moment to deflate the fan base. In any event, hope the man is ok.
  7. That is not the quote of a man who is coming back any time remotely soon.
  8. I think he’s at least a hold through his B2B this week, then reassess but it’s looking like drop city.
  9. It was a nice run Shabazz. Thanks for mid season assist boost. Enjoy fantasy retirement.
  10. In honor, Im legally changing my name to Damian.
  11. This absolutely blows my mind. How is this possible?!? Happy for Dame.