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  1. I think you have the right guys. As CrypTvill mentioned above, Soroka is a great value at $5 and you do have 3 solid bats already. I think it comes down to league tendencies and who is most valuable in that setting. Good options at $5.
  2. Thanks for that. Love hearing the in-person accounts. Reminds of watching Jo Adell in a game vs the Single A SJ Giants. When he hit the ball it sounded different. I think people that watch Minor League games regularly know when a player is special. Sounds like Pearson might be on of those guys.
  3. I'm kind of a sucker for Olson. And love it when you can keep a guy like that at such a cheap price, while everyone else keeps players in low rounds. I don't trust pitchers enough to keep in this format, so it comes down to Story and Olson. Leaning Olson based on that value.
  4. Do you think Edman grabs hold of a starting spot? Really like the skill set, just worried about his AB's? I don't know the situation there well enough at this point.
  5. Like Castillo over Berrios and Mize over Puk. I think Castillo is a 1/2 and Berrios is a 2/3. Mize can be a 1 and floor 2, Puk is a step down from that. So if competing this year, do for Castillo/Puk, if playing for next year and beyond go Berrios/Mize.
  6. I'm leaning Story here, you keep him and you're team is stacked. Do you only keep guys for 1 year? If more than 1 year, I might consider Olson as I think he's a potential stud at 1B and super value in round 20.
  7. I agree, but teams seem to think it does. I can't think of any other reason why they would put him in that position (unless they are trying to outright tank! =))
  8. This is hard to argue with. Is this a keep forever, or do you have rising salaries or other things that might impact the obvious choices? Thanks for the help on mine.
  9. I don't think Bellinger to Harper will be much of a downgrade this year. And Cole should be a big upgrade. The extra 10th round pick is just icing on the cake.
  10. First off, thanks for help on mine. To make sure I understand, if you keep; Yelich, Bellinger, JoRam, Corbin, and Castillo, you lose 1-4 and 6th round picks? and if you make the trade and keep; Yelich, JoRam, Harper, Corbin, & Cole, you lose 1-5 round picks, and gain a 10th round pick? So in my eyes it comes down to Bellinger and Castillo for Harper, Cole and a 10th round pick. I think I do that trade.
  11. 12 team 5x5 roto keeper league. It's a league where we start the season with 2 free agent pickups and get one every 2 weeks after, so roster construction through keepers and draft is important as you can't stream and pick up people constantly. Because of that I like to have a well rounded team going into draft so I can take best available players vs having to fill holes. Right now I have 14 keepers set. C 1B - Mancini 2B - Albies 3B - Arenado SS - Lindor IF - Rosario OF (4) - JD Martinez, Laureano, Mercado DH - SP (5) - Verlander, Berrios, Lynn, E-Rod, Pearson RP (3) - Hader Choices for my final keeper spot are; SP - Fried RP - Kela, Gallegos, Melancon 2B,3B,OF - Edman I'm leaning Edman for his versatility to cover a few positions, but also would not mind going into the draft not having to worry about closers. But can I trust my options enough to keep them? Who should I keep?????
  12. Projection: 125 innings (22 starts), 9 W, 3.33 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 133 K With Blue Jays looking to compete and spots up for grabs in the rotation, it sounds like there is a good chance Pearson can make an impact this year.
  13. Are they trying to build up his trade value? See no other reason for them to name him closer, he's horrible.
  14. Love him this year as well. Currently has ADP of 115. How early are you looking to grab him to make sure you get him?