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  1. IN 76 PA's; .281 BA with 7 HR and 4 SB. But it came with a 29% K rate, 8% BB rate. How real are people taking this small sample size? Looks like 20/20 potential for next year?
  2. My picks would be Biggio - a top 75 keeper/dynasty player. Young and gives you both power and speed. Chapman - Elite power and young. Recovery time is typically 4 months, so he should be back at full speed next year. Ozuna - Only going to be 30 next year and showing elite power skills After that it's a tough call Luzardo - Probably the highest ceiling, but like Lamet and Burnes, IP will be issue. Lamet - Elite k's, but now 2 years in a row with about 70IP, so not sure how far they will let him go next year? Burnes - Always had the K's but seemingly putting it together this year. But is in a similar boat at Lamet with IP. Maeda - Probably my last choice among the arms, but solid and good price. Happ - .250, 25 HR bat, not a keeper. Help?
  3. Franco and Lamet are the obvious choices for me. After that I would lean Hiura over the pitching. Help?
  4. For me it's Buxton, he's not doing anything or will be doing anything to help you win. Segura would be the next guy I would think of dropping, but he gives you some depth and allows for flexibility. Davall won't keep it up, so just ride it while you can. Please help;
  5. I try not to get attached to catchers,so would have no issue dropping Garver. He had his one great year, but will be 30 next year. Severino has been solid last year and is even better this year and will be 28 next year. I would have no issue dropping Miller. He had a hot streak and has really cooled off and is not keeper material. Weaver is having a bad year, but just turned 27 and think he has potential to turn it around. So I think you drop Garver and Miller. Move Marte to IL. Dalbec and Duvall have similar profiles - lots of power and holes in their swings. But Dalbec is young and could be keeper material. Gimenez is interesting for his speed. Throws in a few HR's and solid approach at the plate. Varsho and then Slater would be 3rd and 4th bats for me. I like Devi and Rogers, especially Devi in dynasty leagues. D. Williams is an elite bullpen arm. If you decide to drop Garver and Miller, I think go with Dalbec and either Gimenez or Devi. Thanks for help on mine.
  6. Can you help with mine? No Brainers for me would be Lindor Harper Freeman Hiura Snell Luzado Those 6 point to being competitive sooner than later for me. If you are targeting winning in 2021; Darvish and then one of the OF's, either Reyes or Winker for me. If you don't think you can compete that gets tough. I really like both Winker and Kelenic and generally take bats over arms. I like Glasnow, but he has some red flags for me. Mize, Synd, and Sev are all also options, but think I would lean bats.
  7. I'm in a 12 team 5x5 roto keeper league. We keep 15 players each year with salaries totaling $320. There is typically a $5 raise given to players each year, but on hold this off-season, so salaries shown get no raises. I've worked to acquire some assets (i'm at the bottom of the league this year - Recently traded a $17 Abreu for $25 Olson, going for youth. Also traded $25 Hader for $10 Lux), and have players listed below by position. 1B - Olson $25, Mancini $6 2B - Albies $17, Lux $10 3B - Arenado $39, Kieboom $10, Torkelson $5 SS - Lindor $33, Rosario $16 OF - JD Martinez $40, Laureano $19, Winker $10, Carlson $10, Mercado $10, Mountcastel $4, T. Hernandez $2 SP - Verlander $41, Berrios $20, E-Rod $16, Fried $15, Urquidy $14, Skubal $10, Dunning $10, Pearson $6, Turnbull $3 RP - Bradley $16, Gallegos $15, Ginkel $10, Karinchak $8 Who are your must keep players and who are guys you would consider trading? If anyone is up for picking top 15 players would love to hear to think through ideas. We have 4 days until trade deadline, and trying to figure out how to prioritize players. Leave a link and happy to help in return.
  8. Any chance Sox bring him up this year to see what they have? Interesting mix of power and speed.
  9. Padres Acquire Rosenthal for Olivares and Player to Be Named Later Staumont the pickup for saves in KC. Does this do anything for SD in terms of OF depth?
  10. Honestly surprised we have not heard more about them bringing him up. They have needs in the OF. Without much news coming out of the Alternate site, I'm guessing lack of chatter means they don't think he's an option to help them right now.
  11. He's been working out at 1B. Think they bring him up this year to get some exposure to MLB pitching? Not like Pujols is doing anything to keep him down. And he could also take time away from Upton/Goodwin in OF.
  12. Does Jose Garcia jump above any of these guys with his promotion?
  13. Isaac Paredes - Young, and good eye. Only 21 and growing into his power/body. I think he will always hit for high avg, but can he hit for power? Spencer Torkelson - Will Tigers be competitive and have him up early next year? Could see them sign a stop gap to keep him down too. Sam Hilliard - Huge ML numbers. Can we put up anything close to that in majors? Bryan Reynolds - .300+/15 HR bat. Can he be much more than that? Taylor Trammell - Developed power at end of last season and has always had some speed. What kind of player will he be and when will he get a shot? Austin Slater - Is he for real?
  14. In my keeper league - picks to get me steals hasn't worked out - Albies, Mercado, Rosario. Combine that with my IP pitching staff - Verlander, E-Rod, C. Smith, Urquidy and Gallegos and you can imagine how the year is going. Oh yea, and we drafted in March, so my 1B keeper didn't work so well, wishing him a speedy recovery, Mancini. Ready for 2021.
  15. Need to fill a hole in my OF. Who do you like more going forward, Slater or Grossman? Feels like a coin flip, but haven't looked at underlying metrics to see who's stats are more believable.