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  1. 30 HR guy in 2017 and 2018. Had 2019 derailed by injuries and apparent skills erosion. Looks like he's locked into the TOR lineup at 1B and batting 5th. Started off the spring slow, but has been coming on strong lately with a couple HR's. Can he find his old form?
  2. Having a good spring so far (6/15 with 6 BB to 4 K, 3 2B, and 1 HR). Only 28 and was a guy people thought would be a 25-30 HR and 15-20 SB guy. Anything to get excited about?
  3. All taken, best left are Devi and Skubal
  4. Do you think he has a shot to get called up this year? Detroit is stacked with elite pitching prospects
  5. Which SP to target in keeper league? Skubal is a new name for me,but has Elite K’s. He’s a mid season hopeful at best. Devi also has elite Knrate and has shot to play this year. Who’s better long term?
  6. Would this open up the door for Mountcastle?
  7. Who should I target for my MI; C. Hernandez or Dubon? I like that Dubon is eligible at 2b and SS and might gain OF. Also good for 10-15 HR and SB. But how many AB's will he get? C. Hernandez should be hitting towards top of CLE lineup and put up similar numbers but only with 2B eligibility. Who should I target?
  8. Any particular players you are trying to get a read on? Maybe crowd source it here?
  9. I read he's re-worked his swing and is having a nice spring, 4/13, 1 HR, 6 BB, 0 K's. Assume he begin's the season as a starter, but if and when Judge and Stanton return where does that leave him?
  10. Will he be starting or in utility role?
  11. So looks like he'll miss about 2 weeks of the season, with April 7th as target date. How far down the draft boards does that push him?
  12. In my slow draft we are approaching pick 250 and looking to pick up another OF. Should I go Puig, McCutchen, or Reynolds?
  13. I was in Tuscon in December. After a long MTB ride we popped some beers from Dragon Brewing. Really liked the IPA. Would seek that out if you haven't tried.
  14. Me too. We can't be the only one's that think so. It's much harder to find than Elder. If you like Hazy's, give the 2 breweries I mentioned a look. They don't distribute too far out of Santa Cruz, but worth tracking down.