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  1. If he's out for significant time, is Shake Milton the add?
  2. Where are people finding playoff schedules? I know RW used to have a chart every year.
  3. Nevermind, I know who it is. Covington with no difficulty.
  4. I tend to agree with what lyon says. Not unless you have a dead weight hold, like say Paschall.
  5. I hate I have to ask but who is JV?
  6. I'm in a 9 cat ESPN league with 3 keepers. I have a good shot of winning my league even though KD isn't coming back. Is there any reason to consider trading him for Zion for next year?
  7. Thanks. Where did you get this? And does roto not offer the breakdown by weeks anymore?
  8. Just curious what people are using to gauge value for the players using either of these. There used to be articles here at RW with it. I don't think they make them anymore.
  9. Excellent write up Cortez. 1. What type of offensive strategy should the Lakers consider implementing your proposed #3 given that AD doesn't want to play center? 2. How important do you think it is for the Lakers to have a consistent 3rd scorer? Or do you think that can address this by changing their strategy for a more balanced contribution from the rest of the team? I say this because the Bucks arguably don't have a solid #2 option in Middleton, but they seem to be doing well in the East. 3. What do you think are some adjustments that the Lakers can make to take away the edge of good defensive teams with good wing defenders?
  10. Someone in my league just dropped him today.
  11. I had him last year and had high expectations for this year. I am in two 12 team leagues (both allow you to keep 3 players). In one league he was my 1st rounder (Round 4) and the other he was my 2nd rounder (Round 5). Very underwhelmed. Holding him so far has been based on several factors. First it was that the season was young...then it was lost, so I figured let's see what happens. Then Fizdale got fired, so I definitely wanted to see how things adjusted. Now that things haven't really improved, my last hope seems to be the trade deadline results in improved minutes and opportunity.
  12. So the Lakers could use him. But probably are low on trade capital.
  13. When are you all able to pick up? My leagues are 9 AM and 10 AM waivers so we have to preemptively sounds like you guys can wait to make pickups.
  14. RL or fantasy? And if it's fantasy, how many teams is your league? I ask because I rostered him earlier in the season but I had to drop him simply because he wasn't getting enough production (because he wasn't getting the minutes)