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  1. Someone in my league just dropped him today.
  2. I had him last year and had high expectations for this year. I am in two 12 team leagues (both allow you to keep 3 players). In one league he was my 1st rounder (Round 4) and the other he was my 2nd rounder (Round 5). Very underwhelmed. Holding him so far has been based on several factors. First it was that the season was young...then it was lost, so I figured let's see what happens. Then Fizdale got fired, so I definitely wanted to see how things adjusted. Now that things haven't really improved, my last hope seems to be the trade deadline results in improved minutes and opportunity.
  3. So the Lakers could use him. But probably are low on trade capital.
  4. When are you all able to pick up? My leagues are 9 AM and 10 AM waivers so we have to preemptively sounds like you guys can wait to make pickups.
  5. RL or fantasy? And if it's fantasy, how many teams is your league? I ask because I rostered him earlier in the season but I had to drop him simply because he wasn't getting enough production (because he wasn't getting the minutes)
  6. Thought I'd start a thread on him since it looks like Drummond might be getting traded. How does his outlook appear if the trade does happen?
  7. I honestly wasn't aware of Mahomes and realistically, he might not be the Mahomes we know because Andy Reid plays a big part on how KC plays the offense. Chicago doesn't have an offensive mind in that way. I REALLY wanted Watson though. And knowing that we had the opportunity to easily get him makes me sick.
  8. I am still looking for some substantive commentary on these alleged rumors. I am holding Dieng as long as I can though.
  9. I am not sure how well any resource can account for possible trade scenarios, however what do you all use to determine this? I am thinking about trying to do a few trades because I have an uncharacteristically mediocre team, so I have to consider RoS more than I've needed to in the past.
  10. Possible KAT trade rumors floating around,
  11. I don't know what it is with Carlisle and not playing Wright. I would be interested in what Carlisle would do if Barea and Brunson went down. Knowing him, he'd try to petition a trade to get Dennis Smith Jr back.
  12. One of my teams is really mediocre. I really just need to stop adding and dropping the guy before other owners get a clue. I just need to snatch him tomorrow and HOLD him until the trade deadline and see what's what.
  13. If this happens, who stands to benefit from this situation?
  14. I'm just here to respond that MDWA was a great movie. Did you see Mindwalk?