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  1. Really what it is... is Windy badmouthing this guy in hopes that people will join his leagues instead. Just so you know I wont be giving anybody on here that kind of
  2. yeah like maybe you are Windy...or are you just following gfrai around too?
  3. Oh sorry...I thought Windy worked for him. He's just a volunteer then ? His apprentice maybe ?
  4. From what I've seen this is the best place to recruit. It's still early and in the end every league here fills. Once drafting starts people go
  5. It says you are required to make a payment to complete the process of joining the league ? I clicked on join the league
  6. I think it does because it asks what provider/service you are on...not really sure but seems like you would be joining the league
  7. Seahawks...have you used the site ? I just saw it today and it looked simple enough and legit.
  8. If they join the league and pay why would you have to send them an invite