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  1. Counterargument: Through 6 weeks, he had 20 PPR points per game. Then he's injured, and he came back to a backup role. After week 6, he had a TOTAL of 18 carries and 6 targets. There's at least a little something useful still there, but who knows what his future holds.
  2. I've seen a few folks wondering this same thing on CMC, but he just outscored the next closest RB in PPR by 150 points. Even a 20% regression from that total puts him at around 370 points or so- a total only a few other backs have reached in the past 5 years. Surely a new coach can disrupt things a bit there, but going anywhere else but him at first RB drafted is overthinking it. Singletary has to be Buffalo's feature back for sure. My issue with him is Josh Allen's goal line TD prowess. Devin's upside is capped a bit, despite his obvious talent.
  3. Targets: Really hoping to see some reshuffling in KC and to see Hardman work into more snaps/targets. He really did look the part of another Tyreek. I'm taking a swing here DK Metcalf looked like the real deal to me. Some missteps but this guy was supposed to be super raw, but turned in a pretty good season. I'm in A popular opinion i'm sure- but I want ALL the shares of Miles Sanders i can get, and i'll overpay. I fall hard for players that show speed and rushing ability, and Deebo Samuel is one. Gimme gimme. Fades: Melvin Gordon: Many, many people preached this past summer that he was only succeeding because of excellent usage. He feels a lot more like a 2020 Tevin Coleman than a 2020 LeVeon Bell at this point. Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams: Price will matter here, but my early thought is that both are popular and Adams's injury is blamed for their production woes. My thought is they'll be overdrafted expecting a bounceback, but the new way in GB is a running team. Also, their defense had a great year- its hard to QB1 overall when you dont ever need to throw for 400 yards to win. Leonard Fournette: It was a maybe if Marrone got let go, but we all know how this next Jags season is gonna go already. At his best he was a hit or miss producer of yardage, but a TD magnet. I can't imagine he gets only 3 again, but its a risky bet to assume he gets back up near double digits
  4. Who won you over this year and is on your early list of guys to target? Who looks like a smokescreen to you that you're going to avoid next year?
  5. Daniel Jones stood out to me when looking back at final stats for 2019. He just needs to curb turnovers so he doesn't become a Jameis, and i feel like he'll be a sneaky value. I'm looking at a few Dolphins- that offense was surprisingly productive given no running game. Parker's already broken through so he doesn't fit here, but Gesicki and Preston Williams look decent. Get some blocking there and these guys could be valuable. I'm still in on Christian Kirk. The stop-start momentum of the offense as a whole hurt him, but an efficiency bump isn't a stretch with a new coach getting settled in a bit.
  6. It was also good to see his usage not dwindle when they fell behind. Honestly it was decent coaching by them to not get overly aggressive and to keep slow, methodical balanced drives to catch up- they just needed one more stop or a little better 4th quarter luck. Also good that we didn't get much Gio there- Mixon looked healthy and i'm feeling good right now with him.
  7. Also i expect Daboll to get a little crazy with the play calling. What that means exactly, i dunno, but maybe aerial assault? Josh runs 15 times? Tons of jet sweeps?
  8. In a way, a struggling win was probably good for them. They reeked of overconfidence all week and got humbled without it hurting them in the standings. Thinking on Sunday the bubble bursts a bit though. The line likely isn't good enough to keep his pocket clean, and NE's secondary is one of the best. Meanwhile, Brady's cruising. The defense is playing great but they're gonna give up more than teens this week.
  9. I agree with this. They made their bed, and its definitely arguable (as many here stated already) that Gordon doesn't necessarily save them from 1-2 the way the rest of the team has played. Their schedule does get much, much easier too.
  10. Cam has just 2 mil in dead money if he's cut or traded after this season. I love Cam and defend him often, but he looks completely beat up and worn out at this point. Meanwhile, Rivera's on the hot seat, and the division is a bit of a cluster right now. If Kyle wins another game, Cam comes back, and loses.....its gonna get interesting.
  11. Higgins looks close to ready and Callaway is out two more games- I'd think Harris gets a few targets but those guys are the more likely beneficiaries, assuming Njoku's out a while.
  12. Yep. 12 TD's feels like a floor at this point. I have one share, its fortunate enough to be on a team where i dont need him to win me games (yet). So he'll continue to be plug and play unless i get the next midseason breakout RB off of waivers or something.
  13. I cut out pretty early on this game- 3 straight decent carries called back and I just couldnt take it anymore. Game script flipping early in a Thursday road game? Can't really blame Henry for not doing much. I'm not overreacting, and i may even pick up another share next week if i can rekindle a trade discussion.
  14. Lol we're in Chuck Norris territory here, and i love it.
  15. I'm gonna roll with him. Dude's gotta crack 60 yards though, ffs.