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  1. Boyd's gotta stick as the chain mover. Green's franchising never made sense from the start and if not for his massive salary I'm sure he'd be trade bait.
  2. Today they only threw 22 passes, so that's not going to get it done, but the defense suffocated an offense that had some decent momentum and they ran the ball well. This won't happen every week of course, but the Steelers look like they'll do this more than a few times this year and leave the WR's battling for fantasy scraps at times.
  3. I'm considering a buy low attempt but at a microscopic price. Its gotta get better than this, right?
  4. Remember that Simpsons where Lisa rolls Homer's BBQ roast pig down the street? Here's me as a Parker owner this season Its just a little groin pull, he's still good, he's still good! Its just a little bad game script, he's still good, he's still good! Its just a little hammy, he's still good, he's still good!
  5. I still don't know how this guy isn't always involved in the gameplan. Frustrating to say the least.
  6. A possible Captain Obvious thought, but I think if Russ cooking was a certainty to us in August, DK is a top 20 pick. Anyone with eyes saw the talent last year, but it was hard to trust in the coaching staff opening things up the way they have. The past couple years I've had a short list of guys that are basically high ceiling FOMO guys, and luckily he was on that list this time. Watching that final drive on Sunday, it felt like a certainty that he was going to make a big play.
  7. Last year at my keeper's trade deadline I had a fire sale. I dumped Brees, Kelce, Mixon, and Curtis Samuel and got extra 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th rounders. I told everyone Tyreek Hill was gonna take a godfather offer for me to sell............and that offer was a 2nd rounder plus DK Metcalf. I drafted Allen Robinson with that pick and now Metcalf keeps for a 6th in 2021. But lets balance out this bragging/fortune with an ugh story to level the karma. I autodrafted OBJ in the 4th round of a draft when my wifi crashed. I snagged James Robinson in the last round. After week 3 and Robinson's peak I start shopping them. I had so much depth, i just needed that premium receiver and i wanted OBJ off my roster. Who do i trade those guys for? Julio Jones!
  8. I play in 4 leagues and have had only 4 matchups of 20 decided by 10 points or less. 3 of those 4 were the same league, and it was weeks 1-3 of the season, and I won all three, Two were nail biters, the other was a 9 point win but the only MNF player was my guy who dropped a dud- no drama.
  9. Any indication if his salary has offset language? If that's the case, no matter where he signs, he makes the same amount of money, so he's a league minimum player for his new team
  10. Less than 1.5 from Sanders 37.4 from Brees, King Henry, and Lutz Down 2 with Kamara and Henry vs Lutz Up 50 vs Kelley, Singletary, and AJ Brown.
  11. Drop city now, right? Or is this worth another week to see if they respond to the inevitable coaching change?
  12. Reposting here bc its late and vodka is good. I saw Montgomery's 7-30 line and all i could think was "bah gawd, that's Tarik Cohen's music!"
  13. Alright, exhale. Foles has tunnel vision for A-Rob that Trubisky doesn't share, and this win gives us another week of BD Nick I imagine.
  14. i recall spending like 20 on him last year in auction, and an 8 catch for 42 yard performance actually making me happy one week.
  15. I'm drunk and haven't been here in a few days, but after seeing Montgomery's 7 catches for 30 yards, all i could think of was "Bah gawd, that's Tarik Cohen's music!" Good night everybody