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  1. I also wonder how much the torn labrum he refuses to get fixed is on the mind of the negotiators. There's no reason to say that he's for sure going to struggle later in his career, at the moment, however..........if 3 years from now he's suddenly missing games and playing through more pain than most of his peers, it can't be considered a total surprise either
  2. Questioning volume is certainly fair, especially with Anderson now in the mix. Personally i'm hanging my hat on an efficiency uptick, coupled with a defense that's in flux, in a division with some very strong offenses. Moore may not explode as those of us stanning him most are hoping for, but he feels more than safe at his current ADP and with the high level upside you really want to to see in a WR2.
  3. Not sure if this qualifies as smoke yet, but RW blurb today mentions that they're far apart in extension talks. I think Kittle is one of the most underpaid players in the league, so this certainly at least has some potential to get hairy.
  4. Happening pretty often in FFC right now honestly. Wouldn't shock me if that doesn't last but its definitely common right now.
  5. Its pretty easy to get Parker and Preston as your WR4 and 5, and i like the idea a lot, assuming i'm comfy with my top 3.
  6. Even if i drafted him and he started hot, i'd struggle to trust him, and i suspect too many leaguemates would take the bait if I tried to trade him
  7. All 5 of his KC playoff games were pretty good. 114 yards in each of the last two AFC title games, including the kill shot vs Tennessee. 90 yards on 2 targets and a rush vs Houston too. He definitely can still do it. Then I see his reg season game logs from last season and it just hurts. No TD's after the week 1 boom, and he topped 60 yards just twice.
  8. Spotrac has him as something like the 28th highest paid WR in all time career earnings. That's counting retired guys, many of whom he'll pass this year if he gets his full salary. He's also just 26. Thing is, i think i'm still one of his biggest fans on the field. I do think there's some validity towards him being underused, but you can't really argue that he deserves more than maybe 100 targets in that offense.
  9. So I think years ago he got super mega high and watched X Men, and thought that shizz was real life?
  10. I'm just gonna start this with a few choice quotes from this juicy article from Tyler Dunne
  11. What was the injury? I forgot about anything nagging him there and, without much research, was trending towards fluke for Chark. There's also the debate he a bad choice because the team will be bad, or will he become a garbage time champion?
  12. He's up to 25 today in FFC's PPR ADP rankings, and i found that surprising, though i haven't kept up on this thread. Side note- i usually do drafts every day there as a quick time killer, and this AM it looked for the first time like the ADP's were truly balanced.
  13. And plenty of similar options still on the market. Hard to justify a premium for any of these guys. Get whomever's cheapest. Hyde was decent last year. McCoy had a little juice left. Jonathan Williams had two 100 yard games in 5 days. Not to mention also the "wait until training camp, see if this UDFA running back we got is the next Philip Lindsay, or even the next BenJarvus Green Ellis, and that's good enough"
  14. The report i read said "up to" 4 million. There's little chance that was guaranteed money. I don't know who at this point would offer him more than maybe the league minimum guaranteed. Not that he's bad, its just a matter of musical chairs.
  15. Even if they keep all four backs, i can't imagine they'd have every single one active any given week. I still think Dobbins eventually overtakes Ingram this season though. I don't think it'll cost too much to snag both players however. In my keeper i sold off the farm last year and have a lot of picks close together in early rounds, so i think i'm going to try this. Either Ingram/Dobbins or Mack/Taylor.