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  1. Post your email or send me one and I can invite you... you can look at the settings, stay for the low price of $75 and get your fantasy itch scratched, or bail if you don't think you can win
  2. snake. i love auction but don't have 4 hours to kill tonight and it's 14 team so it would take a while
  3. we are getting there fellas... 8 slots to go which is easy to fill. we can also drop to a 12 team if needed but would prefer to stay at 14
  4. New league starting needing 12 owners Snake Draft is TOMORROW WEDNESDAY 3/21 @ 6:00pm PST (can be later/earlier if necessary) $75 -- $10/week to category winner 1st: $435 2nd: $220 3rd: $75 Regular Season Champ:$100 Categories: AVG RBI HR SB TB R // QS SVHD K K/9 WHIP ERA (that's right... no Wins) 12 GS max/week 6 acquisitions/week No trade/acquisition max throughout season Looking for ballers and shot callers. **email if interested