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  1. Yeah I have looked at it some. They've created scarcity which is good but it's incredibly expensive now. No way I'm going to encourage my kids to get into it at those prices. We still buy a few of the generic Topps packs that are worthless for fun but I'm not springing for those Hobby Boxes that are $80 or whatever they are. I guess you can't have it both ways though (kid friendly and scarcity). Left as it was, the cards were worthless so I get why they changed the model.
  2. Correct. Everyone who collected at that time (which was a lot of people) had those cards and most still do. I probably have 10 or so Bonds rookies just like everyone else. 10/10 rated are worth something but you have to send them in to get graded and nobody other than serious collectors are doing that for those junk wax cards. Plus it's very hard to get a 10/10. I have my collection sitting in the garage and look through it occasionally. Some good memories, like the guy in the article, but they're all worthless other than a handful of early 80's cards that could fetch a few bucks. Even still, organizing the cards and sitting around with a friend talking baseball and making trades was a fun way to spend an afternoon and I don't regret it and it's still fun to reminisce with old friends or with other guys who collected during that time. Everyone from that time remembers Kevin Maas and the Billy Ripken f-face card, for example.
  3. Jonninho: it was a simple honest question. You didn't have to respond or maybe you could have just linked to the same source like others did. I don't always have time to do "research" so figured I'd ask why it was such a big deal. States are free to open things up at their discretion and they did something, that appeared at first glance of reading your comment, as pretty reasonable. You are coming off as super aggressive on here for no reason. Calm down.
  4. Look, I didn't see any pictures or articles in your post and I'm supposed to know what you're talking about? I don't live in Florida and don't keep tabs on it so pardon me if I see a line about letting people go on the beach and not knowing the full context. My question was genuine. Get off your high horse.
  5. I asked you first. Actually, if you are worried about people running outside then I don't know what to tell you. Just never leave your house again....
  6. Can you elaborate why this is such a problem?
  7. "Mayor Garcetti said unless there is a vaccine, there won’t be mass gatherings until next year." I assume the term mass gatherings means no fans but it's possible he considers a baseball game with no fans still a mass gathering. I assume he will be asked to clarify this at some point. Also, everyone is different but I consider the sweeping cancellation of these events 8+ months into the future more of a morale killer than just simply not saying anything (and therefore still having some hope) but that's just me.
  8. May end up being a totally rational decision but not sure why you need to announce this in April. A lot of these government and state officials are trying too hard to be heroic for my liking. Just keep an eye on the data and implement policies that apply for the near future. Too much uncertainty with this to do otherwise. No need to make sweeping long-term cancellations for 8 months from now unless you just want to make a headline. Also, this doesn't necessarily preclude baseball teams playing in an empty Dodger Stadium which seems like the only way any sports are going to be played anyway, if at all.
  9. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/what-to-know-about-mutation-and-covid-19#Just-how-long-will-immunity-last? Where are you getting your information for the claim that the mutation of the coronavirus virus negates herd immunity? All viruses mutate and according to the article above, the coronavirus actually mutates slowly compared to others and hasn't mutated drastically to a more lethal state at this point (as of April 6th or so when the article was posted). If the coronavirus is, in fact, mutating to a form that negates herd immunity then that would not only be bad news for natural herd immunity but also a herd immunity aided by vaccine, no? If herd immunity is not going to work then I'm curious what your suggestion would be that doesn't involve complete isolation and the total ruin of the world economy.
  10. For me, the family issue is a major obstacle (can I say obstacle?). Yes, these guys are away from home a lot during the season but they still get to go home. So 100% agree that it would be painful not being able to see the wife and kids for months. If a player says it's not worth it then I completely understand and it could be something that simple that de-rails this. As far as the kids, I guess it depends on what kind of restrictions are in effect where the family normally lives during this time. Right now, the kids are stuck at home like everyone else so probably not a major change if they're stuck at home in Arizona somewhere. That is assuming the wife wants to pack up and go there in the first place. If the restrictions are lifted then maybe the wife and kids would be allowed to leave if they want. I think this is the tricky part about all of this because we're trying to make assumptions based upon our current situation and project out into the future where we don't know what things will be like. MLB will have to model out all of these different scenarios and have plans in place prior to all of this possibly starting so that they can adapt and have flexibility once they reach certain gateways. Agree on all your other points. It's easy to become adversarial on forums and it's probably a result of frustration more than anything.
  11. I love football but baseball is my favorite and I'm honestly sick of the NFL dominating the sporting landscape. The coverage of the NFL is out of control and even the smallest news (Tom Brady sold his house?!) in the NFL trumps all the other sports. Do we really need guys in suits (while wearing sneakers) talking about football 24/7 in June? And it annoys me that, by sheer luck, the NFL may suffer no ill effects from this virus by virtue of just having good timing. Not only that, it's getting even more coverage than usual because of free agency and the draft having zero competition. It just feels like the rich getting richer. So, I would love to see baseball experience a resurgence and capitalize on this moment to increase its presence in the average American's life. It really is a great sport with a ton of young superstars and it should have a larger presence than it does. Unfortunately, to play baseball in 2020, there needs to some willingness to accept some risk (sorry people but there is no scenario with zero risk in this world now that thing is here). Based upon the current landscape of fear and extreme risk aversion, I don't know if MLB, the players, or Americans will have the stomach for it.
  12. Just trust me and everyone else trying to explain this to you: you are out of touch. And that piece about MLB looks like a very simplified explanation of what we have already talked about. The guys on big contracts can get $5,000 a day for the season or around $880,000 for the year. So, someone making $30,000,000 a year will make less than a million. The guys who make less will get paid less than $5,000 a day. Its all on a scale. Bottom line, 4% of your usual salary is a massive paycut no matter who you are. None of these guys are going to shrug off a 96% reduction.
  13. Plus most of these guys are only going to have the opportunity play a few years in MLB. They have a very limited window to make their nut. Missing out on 96% of $1,500,000 when you may earn $3,000,000 total is devastating.