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  1. Saints are traditionally very tough against the run, no? Usage is the tell tale sign here and JJ got more run (and more yards). Maybe that changes in the next game but if you nabbed this guy you have enough evidence to roll him out in the next game as a FLEX or even an RB2 if you're desperate. I think we all would have taken that outcome a few days ago.
  2. Only in 2020. I had Allen and a 10 point cushion and my opponent had T. Williams. After Allen scores I figure that's curtains. Nope. Allen (supposedly) injures himself spiking the football and Williams explodes most likely due to Allen's absence. Gotta love it. Hopefully this L doesn't sink me because I'm really excited to have Allen in my FLEX after the BYE with Herbert. Any word on Tyrod? Is there still a chance he comes back and becomes the starter? I know Lynn said that originally when he was injured but I don't know how you can take Herbert out at this point.
  3. Woodhead is a great comp and it was your earlier post that convinced me to go for Hines in a standard league. I remember Woodhead racking up points in my standard league that year and thinking "isn't he only good in PPR?" Got Hines for a relative bargain too since most assume that Hines will only have PPR value. Also some uncertainty with the roles here. The belief is that Taylor will immediately step into a 15+ carry spot but if the Colts aren't ready to give Taylor all of those carries (or his fumbling issues pop up) then maybe Hines gets an extra 2 or 3 carries and all the sudden he's approaching top 10 range.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking for one owner for a MLB themed 30-team dynasty league. The league was started for the 2020 season on FanTrax and was put on-hold due to the pandemic after some league activity (trading) had taken place. Now that it appears there will be a 2020 season, we are looking to get running again and give the abbreviated season a go. There is no guarantee that the season will happen or be completed due to all of the uncertainty surrounding MLB but I need one replacement owner anyway so that this team can participate in the upcoming amateur draft in August as well as other off-season activities that will begin in the fall/winter. The Red Sox are the available team. Please read the original description of the league below for more information. Also see the update below which clarifies how we are modifying rules to accommodate the abbreviated 2020 season, including cancellations. Original League Description This league is setup for owners to inherit an MLB team (MLB and a portion of MiLB) as of this spring, including actual rosters, salaries, and contracts. Teams will also start with up-to 39 minor league players from their organization. After that, we are on our own and free to build our teams as we see fit. So, if you love the Royals and wish you could turn them into a big market team, you can. However, there is a cost to that as your entry fee correlates with your team's payroll. At the same time, you can take over a rebuilding team and maintain a lower payroll and still earn some prize money if you continue to field a competitive team. This league has much to offer for all types of owners and the league rules are in-depth. I have put a lot of time into them to hopefully avoid many of the pitfalls that large dynasty leagues encounter. League Summary 30-team dynasty league (MLB franchises and structure) Start 2020 season with actual MLB rosters, salaries, contracts Contract extensions, arbitration, qualifying offers 39-man minor league rosters and annual prospect draft 162 game head-to-head schedule MLB playoff structure Variable entry fee ($30-$80) based upon team salary (done through FanTrax Treasurer) 100% payout with a variety of prizes designed to keep teams engaged Unique points based scoring (includes fielding) Much more... 2020 Changes due to COVID 60-game head-to-head schedule The entry fees have been reduced by $15 to account for the shortened season. Fees will not be charged if the MLB season does not run until our fantasy playoffs start. Reply or send an e-mail to ted.striker78@yahoo.com for more information. Keep in mind the following before reaching out: I'm looking for mature baseball fans that enjoy fantasy baseball as much as I do. If you are a win-at-all costs type that will bail out after one season if things don't go your way please look elsewhere. This isn't a fly-by-night league. I have been a commissioner for many years and run very organized leagues. Please do not waste my time asking to see the league rules if you're not serious about joining a league.
  5. bump. May have Red Sox instead. Current Red Sox owner may switch.
  6. bump. Still looking for someone to take the Astros.