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  1. and then the Lions marched down the field to win the game Yep
  2. You make it a 6 point game so the Lions will need to make the PAT to win.
  3. You take a knee twice and kick a 30 yard FG as time expires. Why hand it off and risk a fumble or risk scoring a TD?
  4. Callaway got dinged up on that catch and left the field favoring his left calf
  5. Panthers are wasting their time challenging this play. He is clearly past the 1st down marker I mean like a yard past it!
  6. DJ Moore end around rushing TD. Poor tackling once again. Unblocked guys not making plays. This entire defense needs to get cussed out at halftime!
  7. This is the first time this season Mayor Cantrell has let 6,000 fans in the Dome. Drew Brees barely gets across the goal line on the QB sneak. Saints 14 Panthers 3 M Calloway is doing his best Michael Thomas impersonation so far getting 5 catches for 50 something yards already.
  8. I think Tayson Hill will have a larger than usual role as well.
  9. I scooped him up in my deep league. Due to bye weeks and injuries I'm gonna have to start either Callaway or Corey Davis. I'm leaning towards rolling the dice with this kid. no doubt
  10. A Nice big O to start the week. This stings a bit.
  11. So basically Bell is a 10-15 touch guy who is gonna be a goal line and 3rd down specialist?
  12. well the cowgirls were calling timeouts as if this was still a winnable game. I guess the Cards had to put them in their place one last time.
  13. 5 wins might be enough to clinch the NFC East this year.