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  1. Are they still planning to shorten the games to 7 innings under this proposed deal? I can't find anything on it.
  2. My guess is that the team is going to be testing these players on a regular basis. There's no reason to send people home who tests negative. If one of their guys tests positive they'll send that guy home but as long as the other ones are testing negative I see no logical reason why they will be sent home.
  3. anybody who is a regular starter on any team in the majors is rosterable in AL or NL only leagues You need to broaden the scope of your viewpoint away from the standard 10-12 team mixed league settings.
  4. why can't they just run with it and make it happen 🙁
  5. 100 games would be ideal. Maybe have an All Star game in November after the season somewhere out west or down south. I'm hoping that they can pull this season off and hopefully by October we can have fans in the stands for the playoffs.
  6. I'm assuming that the 3 Division realignment revamped plan will feature roughly 80 games in the regular season? I don't see an actual game amount being thrown out there but assuming that they get it under way by the 4th of July that would give us 3 months of regular season and then October for playoffs games. I'm looking forward to a shortened regular season. It's going to make every game must see TV.
  7. Brett Favre was 36 getting ready to turn 37 in October when they drafted Aaron Rogers late in the 1st round. Aaron Rogers is 36 getting ready to turn 37 in December and now they drafted Jordan Love late in the 1st round
  8. I think the hype is at a low volume because he's 32 years old and his projections are meh... I'm targeting him in my NL only re draft He's a decent #5 OF prospect in mixed leagues .
  9. I am still a believer in Chris Archer so I'd take a flier on him
  10. 12 Team NL only keeper Roto league (keep 5) I have two 1st round picks in our redraft and based on the teams who own these players they should go unkept. And based on the rankings it's a chance that both will be available at picks 9 and 10. Since I am taking the best closer on the board with one of the picks I might have to choose between these two. Who would you rather have?
  11. It's looking like the season will be roughly 100-120 games so guys like Paxton more valuable than they'd normally be.
  12. I didn't see a thread on him yet. He might not be as dominant as he has been in the past but he is still the unquestioned closer for a team that should be favorite to win the pennant this season. I still consider him a Top 100 talent and I consider his 2020 price tag a bit of a discount. He was having an awesome spring training until the COVID-19 shutdown happened.
  13. Damn this is an exciting offer. You get younger and healthier I think I'd lean towards accepting this deal.
  14. Trea Turner: 40 steal, .300+ BA guys are few and far between. You should be able to snag a SP ace with your next pick BTW: Don't get caught up into the Dynasty outlook crap i.e. looking into the year 2024 and beyond. Focus on 3 year windows. Wander Franco and Bo Bichette does not belong in this grouping. Most dynasty leagues fold before then and even in the ones that don't you do so much trading and players values drastically changes so much that 5 years from now you might not even own the guys you have now.