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  1. I'm mainly looking at the eligibility due to Acuña and Nola being on their final year.
  2. I think we've seen what Benintendi is already and that's a good hitter with a little pop and speed. Biggio looks to have more speed so I'd lean toward him. That being said I do believe Benni has a bounce back season but peaks at about 15 steals. Thanks for the help with mine
  3. I do like Gallen a lot too but he has a small sample size and will likely be on an innings limit making him potentially unavailable for the end of the season. The lower leg injury for Laureano is a tad concerning but he's so young and we haven't seen enough to label him injury prone just yet. The main thing that concerns me with him is his low walk rate and high k rate. The potential for a 25/20 guy is what's enticing.
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. Most of you have Acuña, Snell, and Ozuna in which I've decided are pretty much locked. I've got some deciding to do on the other two. Once my league sumbits keepers I'll have a better idea of what my early draft picks will potentially look like giving me more insight as to who's the better option. I'm leaning toward Merrifield due to his multi-position eligibility and the SB, many of which will likely be kept already. I also think Nola has a bounce back year but with only oneore year left I'm leaning cutting bait. Laureano is enticing with his power/speed combo and 3 more years eligible.
  5. Keeper leagues are often not about the best player but more about the value. That being said you have some great value in Snell, Eloy, Vlad, and DJ. Those would be the guys I'd keep. With each team only keeping for guys the talent in the early rounds is still going to be there so it’s not as if you’re going to miss out on the superstars. One thing that we did in my keeper league to make sure the player pool in the early rounds of the draft is still elite is we made it so you cannot keep any players drafted in the first five rounds. That’s just something to think about for the future. Hope this helps.
  6. Sorry, misunderstood. Personally I like keeping Bryant in this case.
  7. Go with Trout. Last year I kept Acuña and had the opportunity to select my draft position and took Trout at 1. Owning the two of them is a lot of fun! I have the same opportunity this year and will be doing it again. I would just focus on pitching in the next couple of rounds or maybe take another bat in round two if you don't like the arms there then go pitching in rounds three and four.
  8. The round values for Bellinger, Alvarez, Alonso and Marte are great so those would be my 4. Gotta go with Gorman in you're NA spot as I think he's gonna be a beast.
  9. I like Acuña, Lindor, Altuve, Flaherty, Devers as locks. For the last one I'd leanpitching since it's a points league and I think I'd go Nola given the injury concerns with Sale and the fact that Nola is nearly a lock for 200+ k's. Thoughts on mine?
  10. I too like Gallegos for the same reasons listed above. Lots I'd, good ratios, saves+holds, and some wins are going to be there. And he's in his prime years at 28.