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  1. Yeah it's already set up in Frantrax.
  2. God I hope this happens. I may resort to watching the NBA2K20 tournament that the NBA players are taking part in on ESPN tonight. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. That would be really weird if they don't have it for Android devices too. I tried to find a link on the website but didn't see one.
  4. I'm not sure. I had no problem finding it on the apple app store
  5. Ok I've got it now set up as a h2h categories league with OBP in place of average and saves+holds in place of saves. For now I set the playoffs to start in week 17 which is Sept 14th and 6 teams make the playoffs. I can still adjust it however we'd all agree on.
  6. Oh ok haha. I didn't realize you already made the change. Thanks. I'll take a look guys.
  7. Oh you're right, he's lying through his teeth to cover his a** after numerous other leaders in the House and Senate were all saying for weeks that we needed to do a statewide SIP.
  8. Yeah I asked Tony to set it up as a H2H 5x5 league but it doesn't look like that's how it's set up on the fantrax app. @tonycpsu can you please confirm how it's set up? It almost looks like it's set up as a roto or points league. Thanks!
  9. Here's my squad. I'm pretty happy with it although I wish I had a better 4th OF and another reliable SP. C - Vasquez 1B - LeMahieu 2B - Biggio 3B - Escobar SS - Story OF - Marte, Gallo, Kepler, Peralta Util - Bogaerts, C. Seager BN - Buxton, Hosmer SP - DeGrom, Kluber, Soroka, McCullers, Urias, Means RP - Leclerc, Betances, Pagan, Kahnle, Duffey, Castillo
  10. @Mdubb23 you're up and @meh2 you're next
  11. Alright that's everyone! @tonycpsu we would all like to make this more than a mock and maintain our rosters after the draft as a league. I can take over as the commish. Is there any way once we're done for you to hand the reins over to me?
  12. So far 7 of us have agreed to make this draft a league and continue with our teams. @89Topps, @meh2, and @Dark Kn19ht what do you think? Forgive me if you already mentioned it in the draft chat.
  13. Ok so there's been a lit of desire shown in the draft chat to make this draft into a league. For all those in favor please just say so in here so I can get a tally. I'm down to commish this thing if it gets off the ground.
  14. @Cheppy you're otc @Members_Only_76 you're next
  15. @89Topps you're otc @Mdubb23 you're on deck
  16. @89Topps you're otc @Mdubb23 you're on deck
  17. @89Topps you're otc @Dark Kn19ht you're on deck
  18. @2ndCitySox you're otc @Cheppy you're on deck
  19. @mavsfan23 otc @evillaw4eva on deck
  20. @89Topps you're otc @Dark Kn19ht you're on deck
  21. Try it again @2ndCitySox. It seems to be working