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  1. Looking to draft tonight yahoo ppr with 1 flex
  2. Hey 

     I have interest and a couple of questions

    1)  Where in NYC is draft ?

    2) What is the trade approval process ?

    3) I have a onroto account would you be able to send league invite so I could check it out or send a complete rule list


    THANKS !


  3. Keepers submitted by current owners are; C Gary Sanchez RF Christian Yelich SS Trevir Story SS Xander Boegarts 3B Rafeal Devers SP Stephen Strasburg RF Cody Bellinger SP Jacob Degrom 3B Anthony Rendon SP Max Sherizer 1B Pete Alonso All Other AL/NL players are available at draft..
  4. 11 of 12 teams filled looking for one more. Opening in a live in person auction Draft Saturday March 14 at 9am in NYC $400 BUY IN if Anyone interested. This is a 30 Year Old league with a great core of guys and a great commish. league is very competitive and unique with rules in place that make it fun all year long. Here are some Details: Keeper league with a max of 3 keepers but players can only be kept for one year after being drafted. FYI players going back into the pool this season are: F. Lindor, M.Trout, JD. Martinez, Blake Snell, Trea Turner, Mookie Betts, Justin Verlander, Ronald Acuna, Nolan Arenado, Gerritt Cole, and Alex Bregman. Waiting on current Members to submit keepers for 2020. Also note for each player kept that team loses one round of bidding, so if a team decides to keep 3 they can't bid in the first 3 rounds of the auction. So as a new team entering this league you will be bidding on players from round 1. The Roster is also very Competitive each position must be filled with a player that played that position at least 20 games from last season to qualify being drafted at that position and this also goes for outfielders {LF,CF,RF} and also during the season once a players plays 5 games at a position that player is then qualified for that position, which makes it more fun in my opinion. Budget for Draft day is 225 and balance left over from draft rolls into the season's Waiver Budget of $200. Waivers each Sunday Night based on bid submitted highest bid gets free agent. Note: once 200 bidding bucks run out optional $100 can be purchased which is added to Prize pool. PAYOUTS: 1st 45% 2nd 25% 3rd 15% 4th 10% 5th 5% This League is Roto 7x7 Catergories Hitting; AVG, OBP+SLG, HITS, HRS, RUNS, RBI, AND SB Pitching; ERA, WINS, K'S, SO/WALKS, QS, WHIP, AND HOLDS+SAVES The following roster layout is as follows: 1 catcher 1 First baseman 1 2nd baseman 1 3rd baseman 1 Shortstop 1 UT 1 Left Fielder 1 Center Fielder 1 Right Fielder 1 XoF 6 starters 4 relievers 12 Bench players {hitters and pitchers} Fantasy Site- Weekly Lineup locked from Monday to Thursday and set again from Friday to Sunday. Starting Pitchers locked in for 2 weeks {this prevents padding stats} unless injury in which you get a free replacement until your pitcher returns from injury. Relievers can be set anytime during lock in periods. DTD is allow for replacement and if one of your player goes on the DL you get a free Replacement until your player comes off the DL in which then that Replacement goes back into Waivers. Anyone Interested must be able to attend the draft on March 14, 2020 at 8am as guys are flying in from different locations just for the draft. Venue is $20 per person which includes the room for the draft with brunch and beverages, with coffee and donuts also in the morning before we start the draft. Just a quick insight from Me, I love this league and enjoy looking forward to the draft each year and seeing the guys. Guys are true Baseball fans and very knowledgeable of all the players so the league is very competitive from the beginning. Mike is the Commish and he is very fair, Honest and detailed in running the league so If you love details and competition this is the league for you. Please respond if interested. Thank you.