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  1.  Can you send me an invite to your espn Dynasty league, thanks


    1. bklynmyke


      Invite sent.

    2. Clown Spocket

      Clown Spocket

      Why did you delete me from the league?


    3. bklynmyke


      Damn! I'm sorry. I knew I messed that up. I meant to delete a different owner but I got a little confused. Have a lot of owners coming and going. Let me send you another invite. And please post on the message boards under "draft day & time" as to when the best time for you to draft is. Again, I'm so sorry about the mix up.

  2. I'll take Power Rangers if still free
  3. Being familiar with the league format in England I think it's a great idea and I'd be interested.
  4. Could you post me a link to see the team you are offering?



  5. I'm interested in team 1. When you drafting?
  6. I'm interested. More so if you make it a $10 or $20 league to keep players interested year after year
  7. Could you send me some info thanks