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  1. Fantrax Proboards and GroupMe (for league activity and communication) 20 Teams $50 buy in Salary Cap with contracts Rotisserie Scoring Hitting: OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, R, nSB (half pts) Pitching: ERA, WHIP, QS, SO, SV, Holds (half pts) 25 Man Active Roster Used to set your daily lineups 40 Man Roster Mimics MLB’s 40-man roster. All players on 40-man count against the cap. Non 40-Man Minor League Roster Players don’t count against cap. Limit of 45 players. Once these players are called up to the 40-man roster, they begin a 5-year contract. Contract is the league minimum for first 2 years, then 3 years of arbitration (use FanGraphs for arbitration figures). First-Year Player Draft 5 round draft that involves players who were drafted and signed in the MLB’s First-Year Draft. Prospect Bidding All teams have a signing bonus allotment that gets money to it added each season depending on their standing. Any players who are still rookie eligible can be bid on. Free Agency (slow auction) Restricted and unrestricted free agents. You can sign MLB players for up to 4 years. The league is going into its fifth season (one of them being a 1-year preliminary league). We have a good group of owners currently that are very active with plenty of trades. email me at if you’re interested. I’ll send you the official rulebook and the roster for the available team.
  2. Just had one of the new guys back out, so there is still an open spot left
  3. League is now full, but if you're still interested get ahold of me and I'll put you down as a reserve.