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  1. We currently have 13 teams I'm going to cap it at 14. Next team to join and pay Leaguesafe gets in.
  2. Was looking to see how many I can get, I'll take 3 more if I can to make it 12 team.
  3. Looking for 1 more team, PM me if interested or respond here.
  4. 9 paid. This draft is happening tonight, still time to sneak in. I have the league open to 16 teams, will remove any unpaid teams as soon as we get payment from 12 teams.
  5. We have 8 paid members, looking to get 4 more before our draft tonight at 8:30 EST. Payment is through LeagueSafe. Click link below to join.
  6. Payout is going to be 1st $1200 2nd $500 3rd $275 4th $175 5th $125 6th $75 7th $50 You can see settings and join the league from the link in the first post.