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  1. LOL not sure why you're getting so offended by people asking what they should do in their leagues where FA's haven't been locked. It still warrants discussion where locking hasn't taken place. Like I said I'm the commissioner in my league. I locked my league. I'm not the commissioner in every league that I play in though. I think most competitive leagues with a logical commish will lock but that may not be the case for all and is clearly not happening everywhere since people are in here trying to figure out who the adds are if play resumes months from now. I messaged the commish in my other league to advise to lock and he didn't seem to think it was a big deal lol I think he's a goof and wrong but I have no control over what he does. Maybe the season is over and we never restart play but if that's not the case and we resume for leagues where we have no control over FA adds then it's perfectly valid to want to discuss who the pickups are. Clearly there are bigger concerns in the world right now than fantasy basketball but we just have to hope that things improve for all countries, minimal lives are lost and that things get back to normal soon. While Western countries are just at the beginning of the virus cycle China has already started to see a decline in cases and there's even talk of the CBA resuming in April. The NBA will restart at some point possibly and hopefully in a few months and there's nothing wrong with discussing what to do with our teams in leagues we can't control. Either way, doing so is a good distraction from some scary things that are happening right now.
  2. I'm the commissioner in my own league which I've locked. In my second league (kind of a joke league that's not super competitive haha) most of the guys listed by op are still available :D Trying to figure out who comes back first in case the season resumes in 1-2 months and that commish decides players are up for grabs lol At quick glance this is the order I'd think they return in: Simmons Oubre Wall Isaac Thompson Irving Durant What do other people think? The league I'm in Jaren Jackson Jr is also on the wire. I guess he prob comes back before Simmons and would be the #1 priority?
  3. Every year people **** on this guy in this thread...and every year he returns early round value lol Where are the haters now haha
  4. Rotoworld updates are so frustrating. One update says he went through his pregame routine the next says he didn't 😕 Feel like this happens a lot with these contradictory blurbs
  5. Fyi, sorry not trying to make some of my text larger than others. Not sure why that's happening haha
  6. I was leaning towards Wagner but my worry though is that Capelas injury is more serious and Dedmon might get more run now. This is the latest update: "This means that Capela will sit out Atlanta's final three games heading into the break, and while he's hopeful to get back out there for the Hawks Feb. 20 game against the Heat, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said the main priority here is to get Capela back to 100% and they will not be rushing his return. The plantar fasciitis issue has been nagging him for a while now, and the only treatment is prolonged rest, so he'll likely take his time getting back for the 14-39 Hawks." So definitely out till after the ASB and then they won't rush him back.
  7. Whoops, my above response was assuming a Chriss pickup! I don't really like Beasley tbh since he doesn't provide defensive stats though he could be valuable depending on your build.
  8. I agree with Wogee, don't drop Smart. He's too good a source of threes, assists and steals and even some blocks for a guard. I would drop either Reggie Jackson or Adams. Who depends on if you need Jackson's assists or need more big man stats. I don't really trust Adams to finish the year he's been so injured. Although I kinda feel the same about Jackson as well given his injury history haha Thanks for responding to mine
  9. That's a tough one. I dropped Grant earlier before he blew up when Millsap went out for multiple games and felt really dumb about it haha Between Millsap and Grant I'd choose Grant just because I don't trust Millsap's body and Denver will be more likely to rest Millsap for the playoffs even if he's healthy (and I don't even trust he'll stay healthy). Wagner has a ton of upside and am trying to figure out a way to add him somehow to my team haha Safe bet go Grant. Riskier option with upside go Wagner. Help with mine!
  10. Chriss ROS for sure. Just for tonight specifically could prob go either way. Maybe still Chris's though cuz Dedmon is playing a b2b. Help with mine!
  11. Definitely not Huerter. THJ or Morris. At first glance I would have said drop Morris but I guess his numbers this year have actually been pretty good. I just wonder how much burn he'll get with the Clips and how much he gets tested down the stretch on a contending team that will prob rest older players. Help with mine please!
  12. 14 team league. Who has the better ROS? Dedmon has a lot of value for this week and until Capela returns. I wonder if Capela stays out longer though since they have no incentive to rush him? Wagner produces even in limited minutes and could blow up when Wizards are out of the playoffs or Bryant gets shutdown.
  13. It's his first game back from injury. He played 24 min which is encouraging. He also closed the game. Not worried at all.
  14. Well that's something at least! Can't believe there really hasn't been any updates till this. So annoying
  15. Pretty sick! 9 threes and 4 steals. Fg anchor 😂
  16. Lol I don't know why that second paragraphs font is larger. That wasn't on purpose.
  17. Team 2 in sig. Ibaka has been playing really well but Gasol is back now so his minutes and usage will go down. I'm tempted to grab Noel given Adams injury woes and likelihood of a trade heading into the deadline. In limited minutes Noel is producing better blocks, FG, FT, and steals. Ibaka more rebounds, points and threes. I don't really need threes for this team though and I'm already crushing points. Noel's FG prob doesn't help me too much since I've only won FG twice but his steals will and he obviously has the potential to blow up if a trade happens.
  18. Thanks for the detailed response Ya I'm happy with my Kornet pickup esp after today's line! I also have Carter Jr in my IL so it's no issue if he becomes irrelevant when those guys come back
  19. Did anyone watch the game? How did he look? Trying to figure out if he'll play the back to back tomorrow and whether or not to bring him back from my IL haha
  20. Picked him up as well. In deep leagues he's an easy add with Gafford and Carter Jr. both out for a couple weeks. Threes and blocks combo is hard to find on the wire.
  21. Thanks for the reply I ended up grabbing Kornet. I think you're right, with Gafford and Carter Jr both out he's going to get all the minutes he can handle for the next few weeks. Also, didn't know Kornet was getting minutes over Gafford before he got hurt. That's good to know. Cheers
  22. We're not even sure when or if Winslow will come back. Miami is also super deep so he may not be in line for tons of minutes when he does get back. I'd rather have Wagner. He's prob closer to a return and even in limited minutes was crushing it. Help with mine!
  23. 14 team league, for team #1 in sig, looking mostly to increase blocks. All these guys roles are injury dependent. Millsap for Grant, Carter Jr/Gafford for Kornet and Embid for Thybulle. I have Grant but am thinking about swapping for Kornet since I like his mix of threes and blocks, although all three of these guys have this mix. Kornet also led the Bulls in min tonight with 35 min.
  24. I'd keep Vucevic. More points, slightly more rebounds, WAY more assists with the same steal and block. Vucevic also gives you a three a game whereas Ayton doesn't give you any. And Ayton shoots worse from the line. The only cat Ayton wins on is FG%. Vucevic was a third round guy in 2017-2018 and last year was 11th in 9 CAT. Unless you think Ayton is going to improve drastically this year by shooting the three and getting assists I'd much rather have Vucevic. He's not an exciting guy to own but he's effective. Thanks for responding to mine.
  25. Prob Huerter unless you value the extra rebounds Hart provides. Huerter's minutes are also safer. They're pretty similar. Just Hart gives more boards and Huerter more assists. I'd rather have Huerter personally. Help with mine please!