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    Well. We got conned. 

    Jake promised to pay Friday morning. He has not paid. He was chatty during the draft and he drafted a legit team, but he has now ignored 2 emails and 2 LeagueSafe prompts. I just noticed if you click the managers tab, you can see he has not logged on since right after the draft ended. He has no Yahoo history on his account. He did not set his lineup yesterday or today. We got conned. 

    I know I can be naive, but it's just hard to understand how a person can treat others this way. It's not like we let him join out of naivete...we just got scammed because we were willing to take a calculated risk on someone that allowed us to get to 12 teams, rather than kicking him out and drafting with 11. It made sense...Friday first of the month is a common payday. 

    I said I would make the pot right if he did wind up being a con...and I will. 

    Best course of action is to advertise this team for $50 on Rotoworld if someone wants to adopt the team at half price to play out the season. I'll cover the other $50. Hopefully this will work for a team that has pieces like DeGrom Thor JDMart Benintendi Vlad esp since we started the scoring late, he hasn't fallen far behind yet. 

    If nobody buys Jake's team for half price, I'll cover the whole thing. Either way the pot will be right, just give me a couple days to get it done.