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  1. interested... if winner take all
  2. I can send you an invite to ESPN if you give me your email... no obligation... I'll add you as 2nd owner since the original dude is still on.. ESPN wont let you have an ownerless team.... you can leave if you want or if you want the team we can delete him then....
  3. its h2h 5x5.... Runs, HR, RBI, SB, OBP..... K, W, SV, ERA, WHIP... 25 man rosters.... 12 teams Hit me up with any other questions
  4. Hey.. had a guy bail last minute and our league had a team auto drafted... need 1 owner to take over this intriguing roster.... Hitters- Alfaro, Encarnacion, Villar, Rendon, Lindor, Marte, Castellanos, Eddie & Ahmed Rosario, Bogaerts, Upton, Peralta, Inciarte, Andrus, Bader, Cesar Hernandez Pitchers- Scherzer, Marquez, Rich Hill, Marco Gonzales, Matz, Gibson, Bundy, Boyd, Alex Reyes Hit me up with a text or email anytime with questions or interest. FCFS Steve 414.526.1150
  5. Good to go! Everyone must be paid before we draft... folks are waiting to get in if we need them...
  6. 1 spot left guys! Square up on leaguesafe if you havent.... your spot isnt saved until you do