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  1. Someone asked for pitch types about Braun's homer, I can't remember which thread, but since i've been searching for a basic boxscore to follow games I've noticed mlb has pitch types broken down as the game goes on, it says Braun hit his homer on a 87 mph change up. I'm not vouching for pitch type accuracy, but at the minimum they are trying to provide a breakdown.,lock_state=final,game_tab=play-by-play,game=490348
  2. Yahoo has a 'daily-tomorrow' setting, it means even if no games have started for today, any transaction after like 2 AM in the morning won't show up until your next day's roster. Basically you have to plan your pitching pickups a day ahead with that setting.
  3. Passed a road test, the guy seems back to cy young form
  4. In my K/9 league, feeling bummed I missed the boat on Leclerc after watching him K the Mariners all the while shaking off Lucroy to throw a change or a breaking ball on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded, them's some huevos
  5. in a SV/HD league, with K/9 as a cat as well, I had to pick up someone mentioned here previously, Dan Altavilla from the Mariners. CSB,ha. Matt Strahm, you are killing me, stop sucking!
  6. damn son, some ridiculous power
  7. need a basic boxscore - i used to have the old yahoo boxscore bookmarked, maybe it was but its not working anymore. what do you all use?
  8. Don't post your league specific choices here, put it in the bench coach forum.
  9. Not totally sure, but usually most total team points season to date determines rankings for teams tied in "head to head" record.
  10. didn't see this one coming, put him on the bench folks
  11. One Yahoo setting locks FA players once their games start, the other locks all FA's at the start of the first Sunday game. Thats the loophole allowing one to pick up back up RB's for the Thursday game, keep them on your bench, then drop for the next back up RB through the Sunday& Monday games.
  12. Yahoo won't let you make a waiver claim if there is a DTD/Questionable/Doubtful player in the IR slot, it gives an error message.
  13. Yeah, thats not very user friendly, and ESPN is annoying me because I can't set my week 5 lineups yet, or if I can I am unable to see where it lets me jiggle my bye week players to my bench. I know Yahoo! lets me shift ahead and set my lineups for future weeks.
  14. Our ESPN league has the waviers first run Tuesday morning, and all players have that "locked" symbol until like 2 a.m. central time Tuesday morning, so its a short time where one can actually put in the waiver claims. Its pretty annoying and I think our commissioner screwed up the waivers by having them run Tuesday instead of Wednesday which is pretty standard it looks like.
  15. Inman getting the most targets here in half #1
  16. Have to figure that either or both Eli and/or Jesse James does something tonight, but both are still big question marks. Just realized I have this guy in my lineup with no one to swap, don't let me down rotoworld preseason hype thread!
  17. awesome,since you have every player somewhere, now you can bombard every thread and say that you # NailedIt # DoubleAwesome time for you to retire and ride off into the sunset
  18. Anyone ever drafted on a plane (I mostly wonder if the signal is strong enough to not boot you off and switch you to autobid mode)? I have a long auction draft where I should make the 1st 45 minutes, but the draft probably lasts 3+ hours. Wonder if its reliable enough to run a draft on a phone. TIA.
  19. This season I'm going to let auto-draft decide one of my snake teams, and one of my auction teams. I'm usually in a decent # of leagues, usually 6-10, I want to see how these autodrafted teams compare to ones i draft myself. I'll still play the waiver game, and I only do leagues with FAAB waivers, for the record.
  20. I can't clear text in the "quote" box, its frozen with a quote that I didn't intend to respond fact it has the same quote box stacked four times in a row! So when I click on the "reply" tab at the bottom of a thread, it pre-loads with old "quotes" that are no longer relevant.