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  1. Someone asked for pitch types about Braun's homer, I can't remember which thread, but since i've been searching for a basic boxscore to follow games I've noticed mlb has pitch types broken down as the game goes on, it says Braun hit his homer on a 87 mph change up.  I'm not vouching for pitch type accuracy, but at the minimum they are trying to provide a breakdown.,lock_state=final,game_tab=play-by-play,game=490348

  2. 8 hours ago, osb_tensor said:

    i must be simple, but for the life of me i can't figure out on ESPN how to view a players weekly points total. it shows the season total and the weekly projection, but nowhere do i see the actual point totals. i see a "last" column that shows me last weeks points, but i want to see this weeks totals, from yesterday..

    why is this so hard to find? shouldn't i be able to view any weeks points for players...

    Yeah, thats not very user friendly, and ESPN is annoying me because I can't set my week 5 lineups yet, or if I can I am unable to see where it lets me jiggle my bye week players to my bench.  I know Yahoo! lets me shift ahead and set my lineups for future weeks.

  3. On 9/27/2016 at 0:59 AM, Ffguy0087 said:

    So I'm trying to put a claim in on ESPN and it's telling me that adding X player puts me over the roster limit and I need to drop someone to continue, but it won't let me drop anyone, all my players have a red crossed out circle over the area you select your players.


    What gives?

    Our ESPN league has the waviers first run Tuesday morning, and all players have that "locked" symbol until like 2 a.m. central time Tuesday morning, so its a short time where one can actually put in the waiver claims.  Its pretty annoying and I think our commissioner screwed up the waivers by having them run Tuesday instead of Wednesday which is pretty standard it looks like.

  4. This season I'm going to let auto-draft decide one of my snake teams, and one of my auction teams.  I'm usually in a decent # of leagues, usually 6-10, I want to see how these autodrafted teams compare to ones i draft myself.  

    I'll still play the waiver game, and I only do leagues with FAAB waivers, for the record.

  5. I can't clear text in the "quote" box, its frozen with a quote that I didn't intend to respond fact it has the same quote box stacked four times in a row! 

    So when I click on the "reply" tab at the bottom of a thread, it pre-loads with old "quotes" that are no longer relevant.